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atlaspack Pack rectangles (or images) into a rectangle (or canvas texture atlas).

gl-fbo Frame buffer object wrapper for WebGL

gl-render-text Renders text to a WebGL texture

gl-texture2d WebGL texture wrapper

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

painterly-textures A set of Painterly textures to be used for games.

spritesheet-js Spritesheet generator

texture.js browserify module for webgl textures

texturecompiler Texture data compiler for content.js

three-copyshader Browserify-friendly version of `THREE.CopyShader`

voxel-colorist Colour grading post-processing shader for voxel.js

voxel-texture A texture helper for voxeljs

voxel-texture-shader A custom shader for texturing voxels in voxeljs

webgl-texture3d Workaround GLSL function for using 3D textures in WebGL

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