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ahead An experiment with promises

bdd-wrappers BDD wrappers for jasmine and mocha describe/it to help writing tests in GIVEN WHEN THEN AND fashion

bredele-promise Promises A+ implementation based on emitter

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

d.js a tiny promise/A+ library

davy Promises/A+ implementation

dom-futures DOM promises for browsers and node.js

fulfill NodeJS Promises/A+

mach A better way to build web servers

mocha-given Adds a Given-When-Then DSL to mocha as an alternative style for specs

node-then Promise aware wrapper for Node modules

nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks

noq noQ: Micro promises library

o2.then o2.js Deferred Helpers - A Promises/A+ Compliant Deferred Library

promisy A simple .then chaining

promix Mix promises with callbacks for improved control flow

q-injector Lightweight asynchronous promise-based dependency injector

songbird Chain promises easily in node.js

spromise Small Promise

symbol-then A standardized 'then' Symbol.

then-couchdb A promise-based CouchDB client

then-fs promised FS

then-mysql A wrapper for the MySQL driver to use promises, connection pooling and nicer APIs all round

then-redis A small, promise-based Redis client

thenable Wrap and unwrap thenables so that you can pass them through promises

thenjs Another very small asynchronous promise tool!

thenlint A linter for promises that checks for possible Promise.then usage errors and advises to use Promise.done instead.

throat Throttle the parallelism of an asynchronous (promise returning) function / functions

well A fast, elegant, flexible Promises/A+ implementation.

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