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cuter Image tile cutter

d3.geo.tile D3 plugin to add tiles to a d3 map

gl-basic-tile-map Draws 2D tile maps using WebGL

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

icon Convert an image to thumbnails suitable for favicon, metro tiles, touch icons.

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

mapchop A node.js script to handle breaking image maps into tile-based images for use in mapping applications.

mapnik Tile rendering library for node

node-untile Combines map tiles into a large map

rect-mip-map arbitrary rectangle mip mapping for texture atlases

tile-animation Metro style tiling animations

tile-mip-map Tile base mip mapping for texture atlases

tilemap render isometric tile maps in the browser

tilethief A mirroring map tile proxy

touchup quick & dirty image manipulation using HTML5 canvas

tyler Metro-style tiling UI implemented in CSS and CoffeeScript

wang Wang tile generator

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