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cartocc Carto Config Customizer is a very simple tool for customizing layers values of a `.mml` config file

cdbtiles cdbtiles is a tilelive backend plug-in for CouchDB

mongotiles mongotiles is a tilelive backend plug-in for MongoDB GridFS

tilemill-autopilot UI for common map designs.

tilemill-browser-preview Preview map in default browser.

tilemill-easey Smooth zooming and panning with Easey in TileMill.

tilemill-josm-remote Open a JOSM editing session covering the current map view.

tilemill-lots Preview maps at multiple zoom levels.

tilemill-mapbox-streets Add MapBox Streets as a base layer.

tilemill-reference-layer Add MapBox Streets or a custom map as a base layer.

tilemill-sync-info Shows the syncAccount and syncAccessToken in TileMill Application Settings.

tilemill-tablesort Sort columns on data tables

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