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aged Small utility returning grunt file filter by last modified age

api-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

api-response-times Writes to a file the time in ms your server takes from approximately the time your API is called to when the response is returned.

astrodate Javascript Date object with Astronomy in mind.

ben simple timing benchmarks for synchronous and asynchronous code

bench-it Benchmark your code

big-block-time Time System for the Big Block Javascript Game Engine

bip-pod-time Time Pod for Bipio

cannonian Metric time converter

cartesian-tree Linear time Cartesian tree construction

change a tardis for timelords and native time travel

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

ChartTime Hierarchical time-series axis for charts with knockouts for holidays, weekends, and lots of other conveniences.

chronotrigger turn events into time

chunk-rate-readable Measures the rate at which a given stream emits data chunks and streams the result.

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

clock Indicate and co-ordinate time events

clocker track project hours

component-clock Clock UI component for use in time-picker

coordinate-tz Translate map coordinates to a timezone

cpptime An example C++ module for node.js that exports several synchronous time functions

cromag Date and Time Without the Monkeys

css-time A tiny library that converts milliseconds to and from CSS time.

cubism-browser cubism npm package for browsers

cw Command Line Time Tracking App

d3-time The functions from src/time in the d3 repo

damals Reports the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date

date-delta Lightweight Datetime Delta for JavaScript

date-format-lite Date format and parser for node.js and browser

date-frequency Temporal frequency library

date-ms date string to ms convertion lib

date-range Generate a range of dates

date-reader A small library for guessing date formats and automatically extracting Date objects from strings

date-tokens Node.js - date-tokens =====================

date-utils Date add-ons for Node.js

date-utils-cn Date add-ons for Node.js. Modified by Ekko based on date-utils 1.2.12

datef Simple date formatting library with i10n, both for browser and node.js

datetime Date and time formatting

datetimejs Library for manipulating, formatting, and parsing dates and times

daytime combine two Date objects, "day" and "time", into a new Date object

deadline Associated Press style date & times for JavaScript & Node.js

delta-ticker Simple delta time ticker

delta-timer A simple module for measuring time in animations.

diff-hrtime Computes the difference between two process.hrtime [sec, nanosec] pairs

distime converts UNIX-Timestamps to strings like '5 days ago' in six languages

docpad-plugin-moment Adds support for date formatting with Moment.js

dos-clock work with MS-DOS dates and times

dst determine if a date is in daylight savings time

dt Dates and Times

duratiform Utility to separate into parts and to format time duration in milliseconds

duration Time duration utilities

easydate Get date and/or time by pattern.

elapsed A module for getting the elapsed time between two dates in various representation.

encounter Flexible reliable counting.

eventual-schema Combine objects into eventual schemas. Supply rules on when to freeze into a generalised schema

every-time Declarative setInterval

exec-time See how much time every step of a script takes to execute

exectimer Very simple module to calculate block execution time.

extend-date Extend (prototype) the String object with new features like trim, camelCase, shorten, etc.

floordate Simple date flooring, floor a date to the start of a specified time window.

formatdate a little bit more than just strftime

frequency Turn text frequencies into something useful

gammanumeral Format and manipulate numbers. Ready to work with express i18n

gato Git Automated Timetracking tOol.

geomoment moment-timezone, if moment-timezone forced you to choose a particular moment in time. also, some extra sugar.

geomoment-angular An angular module for date formatting; wraps geomoment. For use with browserify.

grunt-elapsed Compute approximate development time passed on a project, using logs from version control system.

grunt-newer-explicit Grunt Task for running tasks if source files are newer only

grunt-timestamp Add timestamp to avoid the cache. (.js/.css files)

gulp-changed Only pass through changed files

gulp-changed-old Only pass through changed files

handlebars-helper-moment A helper to master time! Combining the powers of Assemble, Handlebars.js and Moment.js. This helper leverages Moment.js to provide ultimate control over manipulating time and dates in your templates.

handlebars-helper-momentjs A helper to master time! Combining the powers of Assemble, Handlebars.js and Moment.js. This helper leverages Moment.js to provide ultimate control over manipulating time and dates in your templates.

helper-moment A helper to master time! Combining the powers of Assemble, Handlebars.js and Moment.js. This helper leverages Moment.js to provide ultimate control over manipulating time and dates in your templates.

hoarder Collect and explore time-series metrics using HTTP.

http-pegjs API PEGjs (HTTP, methods, headers, media-type, etc)

http-time A streaming time log library to capture/log the time of an http request.

hubot-time-me Ask hubot location-based question about users, such as their local time.

human-interval Human readable time measurements

humanize-duration Convert millisecond durations to English or many other languages.

i64 URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BIS) and conversion tools. Supports both fast conversions for regular integers and large integer strings. Assists with compression as fewer base 64 digits are needed to represent larger integers than base 10 digits. Unlike RFC-3548 Base 64 encodings, readability of BIS is improved for small integers by using an alphabet that extends base-converter

idris Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

influx InfluxDB Client

interval Converts common units of time to milliseconds

interval-nl Convert strings of natural language intervals to seconds.

interval-stream Emit data by time intervals

jdate JDate is a JavaScript like Jalali date & time library for Browsers & NodeJS

jlivetime jQuery plugin for live timestamps, countdowns, time-ago, and timers

jquery.runner A simple runner/stopwatch jQuery plugin for counting time up and down.

json-locale Unicode Consortium JSON locale files.

jstime Convert numbers to milliseconds easily

JSUS JavaScript UtilS. Extended functional programming support. JSUS helps!

julian Convert between Date object and Julian dates used in astronomy and history

junction-legacy-time Legacy Entity Time middleware for Junction.

junction-time Entity Time middleware for Junction.

klog Distributed issue tracking

kurdish-time Parses times written in simple Kurdish to unix time.

lap Performance testing library

ldap2date Parses LDAP Generalized Time Syntax

lem telemetry database for time-series data using LevelDB and node.js

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