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length Time lengths for humans

limit-bench Benchmark with time limits

lua-date Lua Date and Time module for Lua 5.x

lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.

Lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.

melog Personal Time Tracker for Hackers

microbenchmark Microbenchmarks with NodeJS

microtime-x Get current time in microseconds (cross-environment)

mill Readable milliseconds for you and other humans.

milli-epoch Utility module for epoch based time functions in milliseconds

moment Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-cli CLI for printing dates via momentjs.

moment-component Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-jdateformatparser Translates the `java.text.SimpleDateFormat` date format to the `moment.js` date format.

moment-timezone Timezone plugin for Moment.js.

moment-tokens Unix/php format tokens for moment.js

moments-away Moment.js durations made easier, ActiveSupport-style.

mongo2influx Migrates timeseries data from mongodb to influxdb

my511 Get realtime bus information for the San Francisco Bay Area (via

naturaltime Parse natural language times ("in 10 minutes", etc.)

nearest get the nearest X minutes from a given time

nerves Real time Backbone.js + Node.js (restful with ACL support)

next-time Returns the nearest date of given time

nextrip Get realtime bus information for the Twin Cities. Uses NexTrip from Metro Transit.

ng-bs-daterangepicker AngularJS directive for bootstrap-daterangepicker

ng-bs-daterangepicker-plus AngularJS directive for bootstrap-daterangepicker

ng-time-relative Directive making date elements display time relatively

ninja-timer NinjaBlocks Timer Driver

node-chrono Meassure time ellapsed between to points in time or how much it takes a function to finish

node-iso8601 ISO8601 Support for parsing Durations and Intervals. Calculate the next interval date. Based on the ISO8601 Spec.

node-mug Generate all RFC 4122 UUID versions: time-based, MD5, SHA1 or cryptographically random UUIDs. (RFC 4122 Compliant)

nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

nor-date Date and time helpers for Node.js and browsers

normalize-time normalizer for time values, given a start time and duration

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

npush-server n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

ntime A simple application that returns the system time!

ntp Synchronize browser times with a server times through a protocol inspired by the Network Time Protocol

numeral Format and manipulate numbers.

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

parse-duration convert a human readable duration string to ms

parse-ms Parse milliseconds into an object

parsedatetime A way of parsing human readable dates and timespans in Javascript.

parsetime convert strings like 'five days ago' (in english, german, french or portuguese) to an integer (with time in seconds)

peer-connection A nicer peer connection api

peer-connection-network network of peer connections

peer-connection-pool Pool of peer connections

peer-connection-shim Emulating peer connection in node & browser

perf-time Low impact date/time getters.

pickadate The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

piglet Your friendly little restful time series service.

pitch-shift Variable rate controllable audio pitch shifter

pocket-watch Tiny benchmarking library

posix-clock POSIX clock_gettime(), clock_getres() and clock_nanosleep() for NodeJS

present High-res timestamps in Node and browser

pretty-ms Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 ➔ 15d 11h 23m 20s

pretty-seconds a very simple function to stringify any huge number of seconds. give it million seconds and it tells you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds in a pretty string.

react-ago-component A multi-lingual component for React that renders the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date using an HTML5 time element

react-time react component for rendering formatted timestamps

reading-time Medium's like reading time estimation.

readingtime get the time needed to read a piece of text.

redmark A per-job rate limited work queue

reltime A function to calculate relative time based on a simple date string notation. Intended to be lighter weight than the excellent moment.js.

renders A local development server for fragment shaders inspired by beefy and GLSL Sandbox. Works out of the box with glslify too!

rickshaw-browser rickshaw npm package for browsers

right-now Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser

roundate Rounding functions for Date objects.

run-after Run a command after given time

runtimer Simple utillity to measure execution time

sapphire Real Time Server

series.js Time Series utilities

shimney-moment Shimney package: moment. Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

si SI and IEC compatible large number parser/formatter module for node.js

signal-channel A signal channel that empowers webrtc

simpleio Simple long polling based communication.

simpletime Convert to and from various time formats. Get manipulated time values.

since NodeJS Util function for ascertaining Deltas (Time Since X getTime())!

singletasking A dead simple, horribly easy, yes web-based, like a walk-in-the-park web todo app that lets you throw in your current task and forget about it at the end of the day. You just need the details anyway, I would assume, you're using an existing awesome-cloud-based-company-wide-web-based timesheet, timesuit, task tracking or PM tool for you logs.

slayer Time series spike detection, like the Mathlab findpeaks function.

smart-time-ago a simple lib to update the relative time on your page

sntp SNTP Client

socket-kinda-ntp Synchronizes time between a client and server using websockets and something similar to NTP.

sow Harvest CLI tool using node.js.

specialize Partial function evaluator

stft Short time Fourier transform

stopwatch-emitter Just a stopwatch-like timer class

stopwatch-js stopwatch for JavaScript

stopwatchjs simple stopwatch

store-mirror Web socket mirroring plugin for store

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

sugar-unix Unix timestamps for sugar.

sundial Tidepool's datetime library thingie.

syncopation syncopation for time based DSP

t-dex draws a timeline with arbitrary intervals to html canvas

t3 Command Line time tracking inspired by Time Trap, with D3 html reports

tardis Expressive timestamp generation and manipulation

tasync Time-aware async programming library (stack traces across callbacks)

temporelle Create time series keys

tempusjs Easy and fast datetime library.

tide Simple date formatting

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