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agstopwatch AGStopwatch is built using TypeScript. It's just a basic stopwatch - you can start it, stop it, restart it, and check how much time has elapsed.

basic-measure Simplest way to measure time taken by a function

bn-time JavaScript scheduler/timer for browsers and node.js

candle A module for weak referenced callbacks with timeouts.

chronoman Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout

clit Command line timer.

correcting-interval Provides setCorrectingInterval and clearCorrectingInterval as an auto-correcting alternative to setInterval

countdown-timer Web based countdown timer designed for projection.

countdown.js super-simple command line egg-timer

debug-timer time things. output to visionmedia/debug

delta-ticker Simple delta time ticker

elapse Simple timer to track how long an operation takes.

elvn Command line time management for nerds

encounter Flexible reliable counting.

every an event emitter for integer-based millisecond steps

express-middleware-timer A simple timer implementation for debugging express middleware.

final-timer Timer class (wrapper for setTimeout and setInterval). Based on AS3 Timer class

fixed-game-loop a fixed game loop

git-timer CLI application that counts down until you commit

grunt-timer Times the duration of each of your grunt tasks automatically and outputs the execution time in milliseconds to the console after each task (or optionally, at the end). It also logs the total time for all logged tasks.

grunt-wait Stop grunting and wait for a signal to continue

gulp-duration Track the duration of parts of your gulp tasks

intervarl A variable interval. The timeout period can be changed dynamically.

inyourface Alarm timer thing

jasonkuhrt-heartbeat A good heartbeat timer

jlivetime jQuery plugin for live timestamps, countdowns, time-ago, and timers

jquery.runner A simple runner/stopwatch jQuery plugin for counting time up and down.

ninja-timer NinjaBlocks Timer Driver

node-diagnostics Logging and Timer to perform some basic profiling and diagnostics

node-task-queue task queue for http callback

node-tictoc Simple stopwatch timer for profiling operations

nschedule Task scheduler with concurrency limits.

o2.timer o2.js timer utility methods

offsettimer Functions for setting intervals and timers at a specific offset

oft A simple cron-like library for triggering tasks at regular intervals.

pauseable Create event emitters, intervals, and timeouts that can be paused and resumed.

perfcollector.js Simple performance measurement tool for javascript

periodic Reliable periodic events.

ping-pong Low level and abstract KeepAlive-like structure.

pom Simple node CLI Pomodoro timer

pomo Command-line timer, useful for Pomodoros.

pomodoro-timer Free Pomodoro® Technique command line web app timer.

primo-counter Counter module for measuring the average time of a specific event

primo-timer A timer class for keeping a consistent logical frame-rate in JS based games

reminder Simple scheduler

repeat Repeat.js is a javascript library that makes working with repeated actions pure joy by removing the need for setTimeout/setInterval and somewhat error prone timer references

repeated Reliable repeated events / intervals.

rocktimer A timer. Add callbacks to the finish event. Easily start/stop and extend the time.

sessionbrowser independently manage a session object with browser cookies and timeouts

sim-timer Discrete timer for simulations

simple-timer A simple timer/stopwatch implementation.

since-when timing functions using process.hrtime

speedcoach Benchmark node.js modules to make them faster and lighter.

sportline strives to be like a normal sports stopwatch

stopwatch-emitter Just a stopwatch-like timer class

tic intervals and timeouts using a delta tick. Useful for timing things with games.

ticktock Performant setTimeout, using only a couple timers internally.

time-tree Timer utility for Node.js that gives you a contextual tree of where time is spent.

time-utils setTimeout for coffeescript

timeit-cli time it!

timer-shim Test-friendly timer function replacements.

timer.js Simple and lighweight but powerfull eventdriven JavaScript timer

timers-ext Timers extensions

timethat print time from one date to another

timethis Function iteration benchmarking, implements functions similar to perl's timethis, timethese, and countit.

timing Making timers more manageable.

timo Timer - measures elapsed time

tomator a sns timer for pushing messages

tqueue a basic queue that pops on a set interval

uupaa.clock.js Master Clock.

visibilityjs Wrapper for the Page Visibility API

yastopwatch Yet another stopwatch for performance tests.

zeit Injectable clock and promise scheduler, plus stub versions for easy testing, using native JS or Moment.js Date APIs

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