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iridium-timestamps Iridium plugin for automatic creation and modification timestamping

level-timestamps Decorate you data with created/modified timestamps

modella-timestamps CreatedAt and UpdatedAt for Modella

mongoose-concrete-timestamps Save concrete, non-virtual timestamps to your Mongoose models.

mongoose-simpletimestamps Simple timestamps for mongoose

mongoose-stamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt, updatedAt, and deletedAt auto-assigned date properties

mongoose-time mongoose timestamps

mongoose-times Mongoose plugin to add created and lastUpdated properties to schemas. Date properties are auto-assigned by the plugin, and the key names can be easily customized to match your naming style.

mongoose-timestamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt and updatedAt auto-assigned date properties

orm-timestamps ORM modification and creation timestamps

tiny-clock This is a tiny clock module that stores start/stop/last timeStamps. It has a tick() method that iterates the timeStamp

weibo-timestamp Do you like the timestamp on weibo or some twitter, this can do it either

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