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askgeo Simple wrapper for the AskGeo web API

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

coordinate-tz Translate map coordinates to a timezone

date-with-offset Work with timezone-aware dates

geomoment moment-timezone, if moment-timezone forced you to choose a particular moment in time. also, some extra sugar.

geomoment-angular An angular module for date formatting; wraps geomoment. For use with browserify.

ipinfodb Wrapper for API (ip to timezone)

jstimezonedetect This script gives you the zone info key representing your device's time zone setting.

maxmind IP lookup using Maxmind databases

maxminded Auto updating maxmind GeoIP lookup for free and paid maxmind accounts and optional cloudflare fallback

moment-timezone Timezone plugin for Moment.js.

node-clock A simple clock for node.js apps

rails-timezone Convert between Rails ActiveSupport TimeZone names and the IANA Time Zone Database format for node.js and the browser

time "time.h" bindings for NodeJS

timestamp-grabber Convert a very wide variety of human readable date/time formats to unix timestamp in millis. Supports all major timezones thanks to timezonejs

timezone Small, elegant, Olson educated, timezone aware date math and `strftime` date formatting in pure JavaScript with no dependendcies for Node.js and the browser. Timezone uses the Olson/IANA timezone database. Timezone is aware of every clock transition in th

timezone-offset-to convert a timezone offset to a numerical value

timezonedate A JavaScript Date alternative that is specific to a given timezone other than the current machine's timezone.

timezoner Node.js client library for accessing Google Time Zone API.

tz sniff for timezone info using pure JS

tz-db Static database of timezone names and offsets scraped from wikipedia, current as of March 2013

tz-filter Filter a list of timezones on what time it is there.

tz-lookup fast time zone lookup

tztime Timezone transformations in the browser and node.js plus timezone precise timeline creation for charting

tzwhere Determine timezone from lat/long

walltime-js A javascript library for easily translating a UTC time to a "Wall Time" for a particular time zone and back.

webscraper-wikipedia Website Scraper for Wikipedia

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