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ben simple timing benchmarks for synchronous and asynchronous code

benchmark-pages Benchmarks the response time of your web pages under a different loads; allows comparing response times for different servers

bezier-easing Bezier Curve based easing functions for Javascript animations

bottleneck Async rate limiter

correcting-interval Provides setCorrectingInterval and clearCorrectingInterval as an auto-correcting alternative to setInterval

hxtracer A high level javascript tracer with no dependencies.

norse convert morse to timing information

precisetime timing function for Rhino, node, browsers, natively present in JSC

remorse turn timing information into morse code

smil-clockvalue Parses SMIL clock values

survey A tool for benchmarking in the surveying sense, not in a competitive sense.

timed Simplifies high resolution timing for profiling

timely Lightweight and easy to use timing decorators

timing Making timers more manageable.

wsload Load Testing Application for massive concurrent connections and complex scripted testcases

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