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augur tiny little promises, cooked to perfection.

dagger Dagger is one half of a minimal API server layer for node.js, with emphasis on minimal.

define-object A bit of sugar for defining Objects and their prototypes.

fs-persistent-object Tiny Node library for persisting small runtime objects on filesystem

gen-id Short non-sequential unique id generator in a given format.

gulp-micro Ensure your micro-lib stays micro

mvcfun MVC based web server framework

mymvc A tiny framework that does dependency injection for a MVC pattern.

nodejs-microdb A Micro-sized key/document database - very simple. Auto-flush to disk and in-memory options

on on.js is a tiny custom event library

philfw Tiny framework providing nice general features.

short Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js

shortid Amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique id generator.

tiny-delegate Event delegation for DOM events

tiny-dom A tiny (less than 200 bytes) DOM parser

tiny-dom-notifier Get notified when a given DOM element is created or removed

tiny-element A tiny DOM element selector

tiny-emitter A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library

tiny-logger a light weight tiny logger with log level

tiny-lru Tiny LRU cache for Client or Server

tiny-style A tiny library for creating and manipulating head stylesheets with a similar API to jQuery

tiny-templater super-minimal templating

tiny-time DSL for creating Dates

tiny-trigger Trigger cross-browser DOM events

tiny-utils A tiny javascript utility belt

tinyChat Tiny Chat app working with Node.js and

tinydown a lightweight markdown parser beyond the regular constrains

tinysong-api Nodejs tinysong implementation, normalization, and extension. Adds AlbumCover images as well.

troute super fast tiny router

yawfw yet another web framework

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