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and P2P Team chat & todo solution

badoop Todo list management in bash

caldav Node CalDAV Client

diet-tasks Task scheduler for node.js

doing a cli todo list designed for geeks

elflord a standalone or client/server CLI utility for managing to-do items

faire Text list management, useful for todo lists.

grunt-todo Find TODO, FIXME and NOTE inside project files

gulp-todo Generate a file from your javascript todos and fixmes

gulp-todos Generate a file from all your project files TODOs and FIXMEs

habitrpg-todo-sync Two-way sync between task managers (e.g. Remember the Milk) and HabitRPG

humble.js Unopinionated, lightweight & fast framework

itodo Get the todo list

jfdi A Hacker's Way of Getting $#!% Done

minni Minimalistic Command Line Todo list

nodo Command line todo app.

notes a node.js version of Rails' "rake notes" functionality

ntask Taskmanagement, your way!

ntodo A simple CLI TODO parser for the lazy coder

remind Commandline-based reminder tool - distraction-free and straightforward.

singletasking A dead simple, horribly easy, yes web-based, like a walk-in-the-park web todo app that lets you throw in your current task and forget about it at the end of the day. You just need the details anyway, I would assume, you're using an existing awesome-cloud-based-company-wide-web-based timesheet, timesuit, task tracking or PM tool for you logs.

stdtodo A development module to help in the logging of asynchronous tasks.

todo Todos in the CLI like what.

todo-format Finds all TODO items in given file, reports error if they don't follow given regexp

todo-model Todo Models

todo-server ToDo Server

todo-web Web Frontend for ToDo

todo.txt A todo.txt-format parser and generator

todo.txt-node Todo.txt for Node.js

todoer Collects TODO commentaries from files and writes them to another in Markdown format.

todolist take an argument list of files and scan for TODO/HACK/FIXME commands

todos Node CLI application to manage a TODO's list

treed The main component of an editor for hierarchical content.

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