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access-token Small OAuth2 access token helper.

api-token api-token

appdotauth access token generation server – generate valid api tokens with ease

atok Fast, easy and dynamic tokenizer for Node Streams

authen Authentication tools - signing, tokens, password hashes

author a simple token and signature creator for OAuth

bella A API Authentication for node.js

bootstrap-tokenfield Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

browser-token-machine open a url, call a callback when user enters info

coupon-code An implementation of Perl's Algorithm::CouponCode for NodeJS.

css-tokens A regex that tokenizes CSS.

express-jwt JWT authentication middleware.

flat-csrf More advanced middleware for CSRF, supports async csrf token and custom header name

gapitoken Node.js module for Google API service account authorization (Server to Server flow)

get-github-token prompt the user for credentials for a github oauth token

ghtoken a simple github token generation utility

google-id-token Validates and decrypts google's id_token

google-oauth-jwt Implementation of Google OAuth 2.0 for server-to-server interactions, allowing secure use of Google APIs without interaction from an end-user.

grunt-pattern-replace Allow you to parse a list of files and replace tokens based on specifics patterns.

gulp-token-replace A token replace plugin for gulp

http-bearer-token-file-store A low security file based storage for tokens that can be used to secure web services.

js-tokens A regex that tokenizes JavaScript.

jwt-encode-decode-app JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Encoding and Decoding App.

jwt-express-decode jwt decoding used with expess config

keygen url-friendly, random, unique key/token generation

koa-jwt Koa JWT authentication middleware.

lex An elegant armor-plated JavaScript lexer modelled after flex. Easily extensible to tailor to your need for perfection.

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

lexxy lexxy is a simple lexer for Node.js.

match-token Given a string and a position, it finds the position of the token matching the one at the given position.

node-tokenizer A tokenizer written in JavaScript.

oauth2orize-jwt-bearer JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Exchange Middleware for OAuth2orize.

passport-accesstoken Token authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-http-bearer HTTP Bearer authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-oauth-wrap OAuth WRAP authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.

passport-oauth2-jwt-bearer JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Profiles for OAuth 2.0 client authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-token Username and token authentication strategy for Passport - modified from passport-local.

passport-token-auth HTTP Token authentication strategy for Passport.

posterous-api-token Posterous removed the api-token endpoint from their API. This returns it.

rand-token Generate random tokens

random-strings Fast, beautiful, unique random Strings for node.

random-token Random token generation of given size

readline-matchtoken Adds token matching to nodejs readline and visualizes it by jumping the cursor to it à la emacs.

refresh-token Returns a new oauth2 access token when expired.

rocambole-token Helpers for rocambole AST token manipulation

seneca-crypto-sign microservice for signing information (both HMAC and pub/priv key signing)

sign-url Create and validate signed urls

signing Sign and unsign your data

slexer A simple streamable lexer. It transforms text into token objects.

StringScanner StringScanner performs lexical scanning operations on a string.

strscan-parser A string parser based on StringScanner

superinput Tokenized input with autocomplete support

tok A simple token validation library for node

tokauth This module links an authentication function with a token generation

token HMAC token generation and verification with time-based limitation on validity

token-filter A Transform stream that replaces delimited keys (tokens) with matching values, like the Ant Filter task.

token-manager Module to manage, expire and validate access tokens

token-manager-server HTTP Server to handle authorization tokens

token.js Simple utility to generate a random token, with the ability to define the length.

tokenator Lightweight Connect Middleware access control with tokens

tokenauthentication This module associates an authentication procedure with a token generation.

tolken A simple token handling library for Node.JS web applications

vk-auth authorization in VK social network as standalone application. Uses PhantomJS for opening VK auth form and entering credentials

wikidocs Wikidocs API token generation

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