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nopo task-based build tool for web project

npgt pg tools

ntspm Node.js typescript package manager

nyam Yammer CLI tool using node.js

obj Object chaining tools

opencnam A simple node library for getting caller ID name information.

pip Freckle CLI tool using node.js

pippi Freckle CLI tool using node.js

pkginfo An easy way to expose properties on a module from a package.json

pm2 Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer

pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

pod Super simple Node.js deployment tool

polymer-tools Polymer utilities to help with testing toolkit

pretty-data-cli A CLI to pretty-data package with file and stdin support

procfile A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

qqqd Easily transform a JS script into a start-stop-daemon script

readme-utils Utilities for batch updating your README files

redis-benchmark-parser Parses Redis Benchmark results and lets you compare one result with other

repack JS objects repackaging tools

respirator Watch keys in redis. Send a pubsub message when they expire or go away.

skyper automated Skype calls and chats using Skype URIs and Desktop API

slexer A simple streamable lexer. It transforms text into token objects.

sntls Essential data structures and behaviors

start-stop-daemon Easily transform a JS script into a start-stop-daemon script

strand string tools

stream-tools A collection of simple yet powerful tools to manipulate node.js streams.

supervizer NodeJS process management

talking_frame Client tools to provide communication between windows and iframes via postMessage

test-tools Toolkit and utilities for automated testing in Node.js

tiny-utils A tiny javascript utility belt

toolshed a collection of useful utilities

trapdoor Drop into an interactive eval loop to modify and evaluate expressions in your code.

tsk simple,lightweight mass of utilities for the masses

usps-webtools Api wrapper for the USPS Web-Tools

util-plus The last util you need for nodejs

utilxi UtilXI, a utility library extends underscore.

vibox Node.js cli helper for VirtualBox management

voxel-pickaxe pickaxe tools to help you mine (voxel.js plugin)

weaver Interactive process management system

webtools Tools for Front End Developer

winston A multi-transport async logging library for Node.js

winston-airbrake An airbrake transport for winston, inspired by the winston-graylog2 transport, powered by node-airbrake.

winston-amazon-ses A mail transport for winston using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

winston-amqp An AMQP transport for winston

winston-axon A message oriented transport for Winston based on axon

winston-couchdb A CouchDB transport for Winston

winston-cube Cube transport for winston

winston-dynamodb A Winston transport for Amazon DynamoDB

winston-elasticsearch An Elasticsearch transport for winston

winston-fluent A fluent transport for winston

winston-graylog2 A graylog2 transport for winston

winston-hbase A HBase transport for winston

winston-hipchat A Hipchat transport for winston

winston-loggly A Loggly transport for winston

winston-logio A transport for winston

winston-logio-zzs A transport for winston

winston-logstash A Logstash transport for winston

winston-logstash-udp A Logstash UDP transport for winston

winston-mail A mail transport for winston

winston-mail2 A mail transport for winston

winston-memory A Memory transport for winston

winston-mixlib-log A clone of ruby's mixlib-log for winston

winston-mongodb A MongoDB transport for winston

winston-mysqlm A Mysql transport for winston

winston-nodemail A mail transport for winston

winston-notification-center A Mac OS X Notification Center transport for winston

winston-packed-zmq A 0MQ + msgpack2 transport for winston

winston-papertrail A Papertrail transport for winston

winston-primus A generic websocket transport for winston based on primus

winston-redis A fixed-length Redis transport for winston

winston-reloaded A multi-transport async logging library for Node.js

winston-riak A Riak transport for winston

winston-rollbar A Rollbar transport for winston

winston-rsyslog An rSysLog transport for winston

winston-scribe A scribe transport for winston

winston-simpledb A Winston transport for Amazon SimpleDB

winston-skywriter A Windows Azure table storage transport for winston

winston-slack winston-slack

winston-sns A Simple Notification System Transport for winston (

winston-socket A socket transport for winston

winston-splunk A Splunk transport for winston

winston-syslog A syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-ain2 An ain2 based syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-native winston transport for syslog using native logging functions via node-syslog

winston-syslogudp A UDP only syslog transport for winston

winston-windows _non-C++_ based event logging utility with your Windows code.

winston-zmq A 0MQ transport for winston

winstond A winston-powered logging daemon

xp agile programming tools in Coffeescript

xslty XSLT 2.0 commandline processor

yammerterm Yammer CLI tool using node.js

zouti Useful tools & functions we use on every krkn projects.

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