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flashproxy Standalone flash proxy. A flash proxy is a lightweight proxy providing access to the Tor network.

rainbowsocks SOCKS4a proxy client

socks-client A SOCKS proxy client library supporting SOCKS 4, 4a, and 5. (also supports BIND/Associate)

socks5-http-client SOCKS v5 HTTP client.

socks5-https-client SOCKS v5 HTTPS client.

statbot Create bots to gather statistics about web links

ths A module that lets you create Tor hidden services from node.js

tor-exits Deal with Tor exit nodes

tor-exits-redis Maintain set of tor exit nodes in redis and run checks against it

torchecker node package that checks whether a connection is coming from a Tor exit node

torfetch Fetch URL contents from the TOR network

torius Torius is simple module to work with TOR network

torrequest request-clone with connection to torfetch-module

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