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bencode Bencode de/encoder

bencode-stream Bencode streaming encoder/decoder

bencoding encode/decode bencoded data

bep15 read and write UDP (BEP 15) tracker packets

bittorrent-client Simple, robust, streaming bittorrent client.

bittorrent-created-by Parse bittorrent "created by" strings into objects or die trying!

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-protocol Simple, robust, BitTorrent peer wire protocol implementation

bittorrent-swarm Simple, robust, BitTorrent swarm implementation

bittorrent-tracker Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

bittorrent-tracker-client Talk to your BitTorrent tracker

compact2string Convert BitTorrent compact hostname & port buffer to a string 'hostname:port'

deluge-add Add a torrent to a deluge instance

jishaku-torrent-storage Torrent storage component of Jishaku Toshokan

kickass-to search api

miracles Miracles is an event-based magnet link parser for node

morrent Command-line search and stream movie torrents.

most-pirated-movies Get the top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent

node-isohunt Wrapper for the Isohunt API

node-kickass Query for torrents at with Node.js.

node-kickass-json Query for torrents at with Node.js.

node-rtorrent-scgi A rtorrent Client with scgi ( No xmlrpc )

nt Read, make, write, and hash check torrent files

nyaatorrents Interact with NyaaTorrents (, formerly

parse-torrent Parse a torrent and return an object of keys/values

peer-wire-protocol Stream implementing the peer wire protocol used in bittorrent

peerflix-server Streaming torrent client for node.js with web ui.

piece-length Finds the optimal piece length for a given number of bytes.

pieces A utility that takes a file and generates a collection of SHA1 hashes suitable for use in BitTorrent files.

pirateship Sail in the dark waters of the PirateBay.

ptp.js PassthePopcorn Node Wrapper

string2compact Convert 'hostname:port' strings to BitTorrent's compact ip/host binary returned by Trackers

thepiratebay The pirate bay client

tokyotosho Search and retrieve details from Tokyo Toshokan (

torcache A node.js wrapper for

torget A Node.js torrent file picker and downloader

torrent_project A node.js library for accessing the Torrent Project REST API.

torrent_scraper torrent scraping lib for node.js

torrent-search Simple Node API wrapper for Isohunt torrents search API

torrent-util Various utility functions for making sense of .torrent files

ut_metadata Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files (BEP 9)

webseeded-torrent-generator Generate webseeded torrent files from urls to files.

webtorrent Streaming torrent client

whatcd What.CD JSON API library

xtorrent 1337x simple api

yify yify ====

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