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ack XOR based ack tracking library for guaranteeing message processing

bep15 read and write UDP (BEP 15) tracker packets

bittorrent-tracker Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

bittorrent-tracker-client Talk to your BitTorrent tracker

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

compact2string Convert BitTorrent compact hostname & port buffer to a string 'hostname:port' A demo web app using SocketStream, AngularJS and Google Maps for Location.IO, a common interface to GPS tracking hardware

gpstracker A server for the 'GPS/GPRS Tracker' tk102, tk103, tk104 and 106

grunt-elapsed Compute approximate development time passed on a project, using logs from version control system.

issue Distributed Issue Tracking Location.IO provides a common interface to GPS tracking hardware

melog Personal Time Tracker for Hackers

nebula-tracker Express middleware for traffic tracking.

nit Text file based issue tracker.

nodepivotal Node and PivotalTracker

ntask Taskmanagement, your way!

oae-piwik-analytics Module for global admin Hilary OAE

oae-piwik-analytics-ui Module piwik for UI OAE

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

pivotal API library for PivotalTracker

pivotal-git An integration for Git & Pivotal Tracker

pivotal-watch Watch pivotal tracker project

pivotaljs Pivotal Tracker API for V5

pivotaltracker Node.js wrapper for Pivotal Tracker REST API (v5)

pixel-tracker a simple pixel tracker for node

ptp.js PassthePopcorn Node Wrapper

spectre-tracker Tracking library for the Spectre web analytics package.

string2compact Convert 'hostname:port' strings to BitTorrent's compact ip/host binary returned by Trackers

tao a simple and sexy http server for templates

torrents-search Search torrents on private trackers websites (t411, Smartorrent, FrenchTorrentDB)

traxer Converts files to uppercase

trckr github issues tracker, streak style

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