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ackee Easy to use web-analytics.

alogs The front-end log collection module management

angulartics Vendor-agnostic web analytics for AngularJS applications

angularytics The solution to tracking page views and events in a SPA with AngularJS

bancroft gpsd client for GPS tracking device.

chinaski open source tracking pixel

clocker track project hours

cw Command Line Time Tracking App

dhl A dhl/ups packet tracking module

ga-collect A server interface for Google's analytics.js

gato Git Automated Timetracking tOol.

gitban Very simple command line kanban-esque tool for use with github issues

issue Distributed Issue Tracking

klog Distributed issue tracking

mark unobtrusive object tracking system

metrics-io Core module with backend tracking and aggregation

miataru-server this is the reference implementation of a server

minum Core 'minum' module with backend tracking and aggregation

node-gpsd Node.js gpsd client for GPS tracking device.

orangutan Hyperterminal for various tracking devices

packmule Universal mail tracking for node.

parsely Wrapper for Parsely's data insertion API

pipes-cohort Pipes Cohort Session Tracking

piwik Access a Piwik API from node.js

piwik-tracker A wrapper for the Piwik tracking HTTP API

pixel-ping A minimalist pixel tracker.

pollster-server Pollster polls for arbitrary metadata about URLs at regular intervals and puts it in a database. It's particularly good at tracking news articles' social share counts over time. Tailored to an AWS stack.

prey They can run but they can't hide.

scour parses html files to remove click tags

seismo Simple tool to track and analyze application events

shipwire Node library to communicate with the Shipwire API

skycap-client server side library for skycap tracking server

timepouch A simple command-line time tracker, inspired by timetrap and built on PouchDB so its database is syncable.

trackable A simple, modular node.js module for distributed app usage tracking.

universal-analytics A node module for Google's Universal Analytics tracking

utm_parse Parse UTM query string into hidden inputs for a form

visitor-tracking Track the users view your webpage, generate visit logs.

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