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any-db-transaction Transaction object for Any-DB adapters

bitcoin-explorer A block explorer clone built using BitcoinJS

btc-transaction Create, parse, serialize Bitcoin transactions.

committed This library can be used to create mongodb transactions that are Atomic, Isolated and Durable. If you're using mongo you already know its not ACID compliant. This library doesn't magically change that. However, used carefully it can help you hit some comm

enterprisejs Enterprise support for JS server application

i-mysql A powerful nodejs module for mysql, we called be i-mysql.Including single table CRUD, transaction operations, multi- database switch function, etc. i-mysql 是将mysql进行二次封装的一个强大的nodejs模块,主要包括了单表的CRUD、事务相关操作、多数据库切换等功能!

jsdbc A database querying module for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and SQLite. Supports transactions and result sets. libzdb is required for compiling and using.

level-mutex Mutex read/write lock for levelup.

level-transaction Transactions, commits and rollbacks for leveldb/levelup databases.

mollie-reseller Client for the mollie reseller API

mysql-queues Wraps 'mysql' to provide mulitple query queues, allowing support for multiple statements and transactions.

noboxout-orm Noboxout ORM (object relational mapper) with MYSQL backend

node-bemis A simple transaction manager for Node.js

node-mysql-transaction transactions wrapper for node-mysql 2.0 driver

nor-json-file JSON file editing with transactions

opendatabase The WebSql standard for Nodejs using Sqlite3.

orm-transaction ORM Transactions

pg-sync Synchronous, blocking PostgreSQL client (libpq binding).

pg-transaction simplify executing transactions with node-postgres

prego Callback-style node.js+postgres fast migrations, tables and simple associations.

raindrops A Transactional Queue Server with REST API Access, built for Speed and Data integrity

sequester A read/write lock for evented operations

sqlite3-transactions Adds transactions support to node-sqlite3.

toss abort groups of callbacks

transac-redline Centralized logging System to monitor business applications

tx a simple transaction manager for pg

upnode transactional connection queue for dnode

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