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rework-plugin-function function() plugin for rework, formerly included in core

rework-plugin-inline inline() plugin for rework, formerly included in core

rewrite-js CLI tool to transform javascript programs using falafel

rincewind-precompile-transform Browserify transform to inline and precompile rincewind templates

rtlcss Framework for transforming cascading style sheets (CSS) from left-to-right (LTR) to right-to-left (RTL)

s3signer Transform stream which reads S3 object keys and writes presigned S3 urls

sculpt Generate Node 0.10-friendly transform streams to manipulate other streams.

shortify rewrites require paths with defined aliases

simple-jadeify A simple browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

simple-json2csv A simple json to csv converter nodejs module

sixportify A browserify transform for ES-harmony-style module exports.

slowpoke Detect slow-running loops and abort after a user-defined timeout

snakeize recursively transform key strings from camel-case to underscore-style

speeds Speeds controllable stream. Uou can control the downstream speed on your own.

split-with Returns an array of [takeWhile(coll, pred), dropWhile(coll, pred)]

splitter Stream splitter using new streams

stft Short time Fourier transform

stream-slicer Slice another stream via a transform stream

stream-spectrum A variety of streams to be used in samples and/or tests.

stream-splice Splice multiple streams into a single pipeline. Useful for exposing multi-step piped streams as a single stream.

stream-transform-data2json A stream.Transform() to convert from Data to JSON.

stream-transform-json2data A stream.Transform() to convert from JSON to data.

stream-transform-line2string A stream.Transform() to convert from newline delimited Lines to Strings.

stream-transform-parse2line A stream.Transform() to convert from an incoming stream to Lines.

stream-transform-string2line A stream.Transform() to convert from Strings to newline delimited Lines.

stream-transformer A simple tool to transform streams via registered global or keyed handlers

streaming Transforms and other streaming helpers

streamlined Collection of helper streams to deal with mapping/transforming object streams

streduce Adapter for making node streams reducible

stringify-stream Streaming Transform of objects via JSON.stringify

strings String replacement and transformation library.

sub-stream A simple-streams pull-filter for converting flat streams into nested streams.

svg-path Manipulate SVG <path> data.

svgify A browserify transform for requiring SVG files to embed directly in your code.

sweeten Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

sweetify Browserify transform to use Sweet.js macros

swigify browserify transform for swig templates

sync-transform Synchronously retrieve the output of a browserify-style transform stream

take-while Returns an array of successive items from coll while pred(item) returns true.

teriyaki Tolerant CSS parsing and AST transformation

through-tuga through concept but for Streams2/Tranform making things simple

through2 A tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise

thumbs Transform stream which reads files, creates thumbnails of them, and writes their filenames

token-filter A Transform stream that replaces delimited keys (tokens) with matching values, like the Ant Filter task.

tostring Transform stdin strings

tpl2mod convert plain text to javascript string

tr-domify Browserify transform module for requiring html files through domify.

tram Cross-browser CSS3 transitions in JavaScript

tranny A little library for converting compound CSS transforms into their matrix equivalents

transfigurify Configure which browserify transforms get applied to your package via an environment variable.

transfo-unifyurl A grunt-transfo stream function to copy (and transform) all relative assets along css files

transform-console Log a stream to the console. Implemented as a transform to allow a peek into a pipeline.

transform-expected Conditionally apply a stream transform or pass-through any objects that do not meet our expectations.

transform-object Transforms objects.

transform-stack Add/remove individual transformations from a CSS transform style

transform-to-matrix A tiny library to get 2/3D matricies from CSS3 transform functions. Fully covered by unit tests, with support for AMD, CommonJS, Node, and browser globals.

transformify Takes a synchronous function that transforms a string and converts it into a transform compatible with browserify, catw and mutiny.

transfuse transform json streams in-place

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

truncating-stream Transform stream that truncates

tsa Guard your REST API with a bit of fascism.

tub Lax streaming tap parser

txs transform stream

typescriptify A browserify transform for TypeScript.

uglifyify A browserify transform which minifies your code using UglifyJS2

unique-ids Transform html so that all ids are unique

urlencode-stream A streams2 Transform stream that urlencodes the text piped through it.

vinyl-transform Use standard text transform streams to write fewer gulp plugins

viralify Injects one or more browserify transforms into all dependencies of a package recursively.

visitor walk and transform ASTs with references to parent nodes

wendy Some rework plugins to manipulate css

wispify Compile wisp on the fly with browserify

woosh parse and transform streaming html using css selectors in a composable way

workerify Transform web workers into browserified inline Blobs with browserify.

wrap-selectors Wrap CSS selectors up within a prefix and/or suffix

xmltojson Configurable, lightweight XML to JSON converter.

xsl-transform Command line interface for transforming XML files with XSL

xslty XSLT 2.0 commandline processor

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