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angular-ui-publisher Helper component for building and publishing your angular modules as bower components

botio Github build/test bot

butterknife Spread the awesome blend of Grunt.js, Travis and Sauce

ci-status-images Test coverage percentage and other useful status images for continuous integration systems.

dias Detect PaaS details of your application instance

docpad-plugin-services Adds super simple support for many 3rd party services to DocPad

ee-travis Encode private env varibles for travis using a travis public key

generator-composer A generator for Yeoman that provides a boilerplate for a PHP Composer project

generator-travis-ci Yeoman generator that sets up travis-ci to do automated github pages deployment on every commit.

gh-travis NodeGH plugin for integrating Travis, a continous integration server.

git-travis Git sub command to show travis status

grunt-integration Run Integration Tests using Selenium, Mocha, a Server, and a Browser

grunt-travis Create and validate travis yaml files from your grunt config.

hubot-pr-status Determine the status of a given pull request on GitHub.

readmeify Generates standard stuff on top of

testlingify Adds github hooks and browser config for testling.

travis-ci node library to access the Travis-CI API

travis-cov Mocha/blanket coverage reporter for travis-ci.

travis-cov-forked Mocha/blanket coverage reporter for travis-ci.

travis-encrypt Encrypts data for use in your travis-ci yml configuration file

travis-fold Tiny Module for emitting folding syntax for Travis CI output

travis-freeswitch FreeSwitch for Travis tests

travis-notify-geckoboard Notify Geckoboard widgets with Travis CI build results

travis-ping manually trigger travis builds

travis-tools Easy secure data encryption for travis - without the gems!

travisify add travis-ci hooks to github

zuul-mp Runs your mocha tests with zuul and phantomjs locally or on a build server.

zygote cellular differentiation for seaport clusters

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