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a-big-triangle Draws a big triangle

barycentric Converts points to barycentric coordinates

bunny The Stanford bunny

circumcenter Computes circumcenters of simplices

compare-angle Compares two angles with a common edge

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

cooriented Checks relative orientation of cells

euler-characteristic Euler characteristic for simplicial complexes

gl-mesh Static indexed mesh drawing for WebGL

is-triangle return whether an array of points (in any dimension) describe a triangle

mesh-geodesic Approximate geodesic distance for triangulated meshes

meshdata Some common freely available triangulated meshes, collected from various places around the net

oscillators the finest javascript oscillators

point-in-simplex Checks if a point is contained in a simplex

poly2tri A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

sierpinski Sierpinski triangles using canvas.

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

simplicial-disjoint-union Concatenates two simplicial complexes

stanford-dragon The Stanford Dragon

triangle-buffer A DOM based 3D triangle renderer

triangle-homography Computes the 4 x 4 transformation matrix T such that TA = B, where A, is the known triangle and B is the target triangle

triangle-normal Get the normal vector of a 3D triangle

trimesh Tools for processing triangulated meshes in Javascript

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