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flite binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer interface to say.js

html-to-ssml A utility for converting HTML to SSML.

ivona IVONA Text-to-Speech SaaS client library for Node.js

neospeech NeoSpeech TTS client library for Node.js

node-google-tts Node.js api for text to speech google service

node-speak TTS (Text to Speech) for Node and Browser

node-tts A tts server form Mac OS X

node-tts-api Simple way to get TTS with node using

picotts PicoTTS wrapper. PicoTTS is being used by Android and it's extremely lightweight and fast yet produces very natural voices.

simple-tts simple TTS API via espeak

speak.js Make your software speak naturally

ssml a SSML document builder for node.js

tts.js tts.js is a Text-To-Speech compiled from eSpeak using Emscripten and it supports multiple languages.

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