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bugbuster BugBuster command line tools

frejus An HTTP tunnelling facility

global-tunnel Global HTTP & HTTPS tunneling

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

mdm-tunnel Access network services behind a NAT

oauth-tunnel Tunnel integration for oauth lib, make proxy painless.

proxy An HTTP proxy written with Node.js (think Squid)

proxying-agent Node HTTP/HTTPS Forward Proxy Agent

rainbowsocks SOCKS4a proxy client

saucelabs-tunnel Saucelabs tunnel is a nodejs library to establish a tunnel between saucelabs and your system.

sesame-lib Sesame tunneling protocol for BugBuster

shadowspdy a tunnel proxy using spdy as the tunnel

single-tls-tunnel A single port TLS tunnel implementation to support a single downstream client proxy

ssh-tunnel SSH-Tunnel management utility

sshopen Opens a remote url in your default browser by ssh tunneling it to a local port.

ssltunnel TCP over SSL / TLS tunnel

swank Host static files in the current directory with one command.

terminator SSL termination in node.js

tls-tunnel A Server and client for proxying local ports through public interfaces

tunnel-client Simple Proxy/Tunnel Client

wstunnel tcp tunnel over websocket

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