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node-tweet-cli make tweets from your shell

node-tweet-stream A twitter module to hook into the public filter streaming, seamlessly updating the tracking keywords.

node-twitter A node.js module for interacting with the Twitter API.

node-twitter-api Simple module for using Twitter's API in node.js

node-twitter-cleaner NodeJS powered Twitter (Tweet) Cleaner. Removes most recent 200 tweets.

node-twitter-mailer A simple module to receive tweets by email.

node-twitterbot A NodeJS module for creating Twitter Bots

nodebb-plugin-sso-twitter NodeBB Twitter SSO

nodebb-plugin-twitter NodeBB Plugin that allows users to embed tweets inline in their posts

noflo-twitter Twitter components for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment

ntwitter Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

ntwitter-kanikar Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

oauth-tunnel Tunnel integration for oauth lib, make proxy painless.

oauth2 Oauth2 multi provider npm module

oauthware Connect.js middleware for OAuth 1.0a / 2.0

oj-twitter-button Twitter button plugin for OJ

oj-twitter-follow-button Twitter follow button plugin for OJ

pajaro JSTP bindings for the Twitter API, including OAuth flow

passport-extended fluff on top of passport

passport-twitter Twitter authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-twitter-token Twitter token authentication strategy for Passport.

post_to_social Post statuses and images to social media sites

ptwitter Twitter API client with proxy support

radiotwitterbot.js a simple internet radio twitter bot

railway-bootstrap Render Twitter Bootstrap HTML forms with RailwayJS models

readme-docs Generate a sexy docs page with Node, Connect or Express, Twitter Bootstrap, and your Github repo's file.

rem An HTTP Client with middleware, with built-in support for major web services.

replybot A bot for replying to tweets

ribbons.platforms.twitter.api Twitter API as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.sensors.twitter Using Twitter as a Ribbons sensor.

ribbons.sensors.twitter.mentions Using Twitter mentions as a Ribbons sensor.

sails-twitter Twitter adapter for Sails.js

salmon Twitter client like Vim

scribe-node Scribe java OAuth library port to node.js

seneca-twitter-auth twitter auth plugin for seneca-auth

share.js Share on Social Networks

shares Get Share/Like/Upvote counts for any URL

simple-twitter Twitter simple library.

simple-twitter-bot A simple framework for creating a Twitter bot.

socialfeed A sentral feed for your social channels

socializr Read data streams from several social networks.

socialmeter Multi-Social Meter json api for Node

statuses-stream Simple twitter user stream client. Only one dependency (oauth). forked from

t-dm Send and read Direct Messages on Twitter from the command line

TDTwitterStream Event emitter for Twitter Sitestreams

tstream A Twitter streaming API client

tuiter Library for interacting with Twitter API

tw Twitter helper

twagent thin wrapper on top of superagent to sign twitter request

twailer Get an email whenever a tweet with a certain hashtag or mention is published.

twat Simple Twitter Streaming for Node.js

tweach Figure out how many folks your tweet reached

tweamer tweamer =======

tweet_stream Create your Twitter stream (based on keywords) in a declarative way, for more simplicity. It uses statuses/filter Twitter endpoint.

tweet-baker Bake entities into your tweets; turning text plus entities into beautiful, customisable HTML.

tweet-blink Real time visualization of tweets using blink(1)

tweet-bliss Twitter API 1.1 simplified client for streaming and tweeting

tweet-formatter Format tweet text with proper html link tag link on username, hashtag, and url

tweet-html reparse tweets returned by twitter API to HTML

tweet-node Simple Twitter wrapper

tweet-nodejs Twitter Client for Terminal

tweet-pipe parse twitter's streaming api with nodejs streams

tweet-reparse reparse Twitter API response to HTML

tweetbot Your own markov-chain-based twitter buddy.

tweetdig-ntwitter Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

tweetjector Full screen Twitter streamer.

tweetly.js Node.js command-line Twitter client

tweets A library for accessing the public twitter streaming api

tweetserver A server to proxy and cache requests to the Twitter v1.1 REST API

tweetslurp Backs up tweets to a JSON file.

twi Simple command line tool to get JSON for a Tweet.

twicmd Send commands to your server with twitter

twimap Twimap is a very simple Node.js module for collecting twitter followers user-name's from a specific date.

twit Twitter API client for node (REST & Streaming)

twit-cli Use twitter from the command line!

twit-old Twitter API client for node (REST & Streaming)

twit-stream A read stream for streaming Twitter data

twitdiff A local utility to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter.

twitface Twitter avatar API client

twitreq Generates a request options object suitable for making signed and authenticated requests to the v1.1 Twitter OAuth REST API using the native Node https library.

twitter Twitter API client library for node.js

twitter_bot Twitter Bot is parent class for your twitter project that needs to iterate followers eternally (see @listwatcher and @unfollowr)

twitter_rate_limiter Twitter rate limit module to automatically limit requests to twitter to stay within rate limits

twitter-1.1 Twitter API client library for node.js

twitter-api Twitter API 1.1 client supporting REST and streaming

twitter-autofollow-bot Twitter auto-follow bot written in Node.js

twitter-bootstrap-node Twitter Bootstrap for Node.js

twitter-cli pump results from the twitter filter stream into stdout

twitter-client node.js module - Twitter Client Library

twitter-conference Twitter online conference

twitter-js easy peasy twitter client

twitter-mocker An annoying person that follows you around and mocks you

twitter-ng Asynchronous Twitter REST/stream/search client API for node.js.

twitter-node-sdk Twitter API client library for node.js

twitter-pic Post pictures on twitter easily

twitter-processor Twitter streaming processor

twitter-profile Returns a twitter profile object when given some oauth details for a twitter user

twitter-public-stream Simple twitter public stream client

twitter-rest Twitter's REST API

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