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agstopwatch AGStopwatch is built using TypeScript. It's just a basic stopwatch - you can start it, stop it, restart it, and check how much time has elapsed.

appex develop nodejs web applications with typescript

backbone-typescript-accessor-generator Generates backbone models with typed subclasses for useing Backbone.js with TypeScript and its type system

baconts TypeScript wrapper for Bacon.js

better-require require('better-require')('json yaml') lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

broccoli-typescript TypeScript compiler for Broccoli

browserify-typescript Browserify typescript transcoder

butter-require A lesser fork of 'olalonde/better-require' - lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

coffee-script-to-typescript Mmm, static types

collectionsts collectionsts =============

compiled-coffee CompiledCoffee combines CoffeeScript with TypeScript's type system via the definition files.

createjs-def CreateJS Toolkit definitions generator

docpad-plugin-tsc TypeScript plugged into DocPad

embed-source-map #embed-source-map

erecruit-tst TypeScript Translator: parse type information out of TypeScript files and generate other files (e.g. in another language) based on it.

essentials Essentials is a Typescript project aiming to provide basic classes for use with any web application

excalibur Excalibur.js is a simple JavaScript game engine with TypeScript bindings for making 2D games in HTML5 Canvas. Our mission is to make web game development as simple as possible.

fis-parser-typescript A parser plugin for fis to compile type script.

freedom-typescript-api TypeScript Interface for Freedom

geddy-typescript-templates Typescript templates for geddy

generator-phaser-mobile A Yeoman generator to generate HTML5 games with phaser.js that are fully compatible with mobile full screen mode

generator-phaser-official Yeoman Generator for the Phaser Game framework. Includes state and prefab generators

generator-tsangular Yeoman generator for AngularJS with TypeScript templates

gnd-dropdown A Gnd dropdown component

grunt-file-blocks A Grunt task that prepares an HTML, JavaScript or Typescript file by inserting or removing tags into marked blocks for each file that matches a source pattern.

grunt-ts Compile and manage your TypeScript project

grunt-tsd Grunt plugin to run TSD

grunt-tsdamdconcat Create a single definition file from amd definitions

grunt-tvm-tsc Compile TypeScript files to JavaScript with tvm

grunt-typescript compile typescript to javascript

gulp-ts TypeScript compiler Gulp plugin

gulp-tsc TypeScript compiler for gulp.js

gulp-tslint TypeScript linter Gulp plugin

gulp-typescript Compile TypeScript

gulp-typescript-compiler Typescript plugin for gulp

imatic-stack Imatic devel stack for single-page applications

jake-typescript Helpers to compile TypeScript using Jake.

jr-typescript A JR job for typescript.

karma-typescript-preprocessor A karma-runner plugin to compile typescript files on the fly.

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

mimosa-typescript A Typescript compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

multi-typescript Switch between multiple versions of the TypeScript.

node-tsc Exposes command line typescript compiler as nodejs module.

node-typescript The TypeScript API exposed to nodejs. Use to compile typescript code in memory

ntspm Node.js typescript package manager

promise-ext An Ecmascript 6 Polyfill which is strictly following specification + Extensions

promise-ts TypeScript promises for Node.js.

promisespromises 'Promises, Promises...' is a a self-contained JavaScript (via TypeScript) implementation of the Promises/A+ 1.1 specification (and Deferred provider), suitable for inclusion in larger libraries and projects. This implementation provides the core functionality and extensions required to leverage asynchrony / tasks / futures / promises within any project or library (including browsers and Node.js), facilitating simpler, more expressive, more maintainable code.

require-ts require() typescript files.

retype The true TypeScript way. Tools to enable fast Retype starting. The true TypeScript way.

source-compiler Compile javascript transcompilers and css frameworks with one API

sugo Did you ever try polpette al sugo? sugo is a typescript/es6/any possibly other languages like coffeescript debug server, allows to live testing anything that can be transpiled to javascript. this project is meant for fast debugging

ts-compiler TypeScript compilation via the typescript-api

tsc_completion get completion of Typescript from .tsc file and position.

tscc tscc is an wrapper to tsc (TypeScript) compiler. Add an option '--inDir' to keep relative folder structure of input files.

tscw Typescript watch compiler - temporary hotfix for -w parameter on node.js

tsd TypeScript Definition manager for DefinitelyTyped

tse create express project with typescript

tsi A typescript REPL (command line interpreter)

tslint a static analysis linter for TypeScript

tslint-path-formatter TSLint formatter that displays absolute path with row/column on one line

tsmc Compiles TypeScript Modules defined using tsm (typescript module definition)

tvm TypeScript Version Manager

typedphonegap TypeScript layer for PhoneGap / Apache Cordova 3.4.0

typedpromises TypedPromise ============

typeify Browserify transform for TypeScript compilation

typeioc Dependency injection container for node typescript

typescript TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development

typescript-api TypeScript API exposed (includes definition file)

typescript-compiler Typescript compiler wrapper

typescript-compiler-exposed Tiny wrapper to expose the TypeScript namespace and BatchCompiler class.

typescript-dev TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development

typescript-develop TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development

typescript-formatter Formatter of TypeScript code

typescript-parser.jsx TypeScript parser for JSX

typescript-promises TypeScript promises for Node.js.

typescript-require Node.JS require extension to load TypeScript modules from JS

typescript-tools TypeScript Services commandline server

typescript-tpm Typescript Definition Package Manager

typescript-watcher A file-watcher for TypeScript, providing common functionality currently missing in the tsc command

typescript-yield Transpiler that helps using the ES6 yield statement in TypeScript today

typescript.api A compiler as a service api enabling nodejs developers to programatically resolve, compile, reflect and run typescript 0.9 source files in memory.

typescriptifier Typescrip transform for Browserify

typescriptify A browserify transform for TypeScript.

typestring In-memory (string-in/string-out) TypeScript compiler

typson generates json-schema from TypeScript declarations

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