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anachronize Expose a specific format of UMD modules as global vars

atob-umd A UMD module for atob()

btoa-umd A UMD module for btoa()

docpad-plugin-umd Wrap specified JavaScript documents in the Universal Module Definition (UMD) allowing them to run in AMD, Require.js, CommonJS/Node.js, Ender and Vanilla environments automatically

domain-browser Note, this is merely an evented try...catch with the same API as node. Nothing more.

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

eventlistener Super-simple wrapper around addEventListener and attachEvent (old IE). Does not handle different Event-objects.

events-browser Just a copy of the browserify shim

fid-umd Easily add UMD to your JavaScripts so they can be loaded with CommonJS, AMD (RequireJS), Rhino, node.js, in the browser and everywhere else.

generator-backbone-module A Yeoman generator for distributable Backbone.js modules.

grunt-init-pack grunt-init template to create a project that has Node package and optionally Bower, Component, Jam and/or UMD package. Includes jshint, mocha+chai tests, jsdoc (optionally).

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

gulp-wrap-umd Wrap files with an UMD wrapper

http-request-umd A UMD module that performs HTTP requests

is-umd check if JS is UMD

jsmt JavaScript module transformation and transport.

paws a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

paws.js a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

plumber-umdify Converts from AMD to UMD-like syntax.

stikked-client-js A client for Stikked API, written in Javascript with UMD definition

umd-wrap Wrap a block of code into a UMD bundle

umd-wrapper UMD wrapper.

umdify AMD to UMD converter

universal UMD grunt-init template

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

xmlrpc-client-umd A XMLRPC client written with UMD definition

xmlrpc-message-umd A XMLRPC message builder written with UMD definition

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