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lag.log The lag function log() as a standalone module. The lag function map() as a standalone module.

lag.max The lag function max() as a standalone module.

lag.min The lag function min() as a standalone module.

lag.omit The lag function omit() as a standalone module.

lag.partial The lag function partial() as a standalone module.

lag.pick The lag function pick() as a standalone module.

lag.pluck The lag function pluck() as a standalone module.

lag.prepend The lag function prepend() as a standalone module.

lag.promise The lag function promise() as a standalone module.

lag.reduce The lag function reduce() as a standalone module.

lag.reduceright The lag function reduceright() as a standalone module.

lag.register The lag function register() as a standalone module.

lag.reject The lag function reject() as a standalone module. The lag function rest() as a standalone module.

lag.reverse The lag function reverse() as a standalone module.

lag.some The lag function some() as a standalone module.

lag.sortby The lag function sortby() as a standalone module.

lag.subtract The lag function subtract() as a standalone module.

lag.tail The lag function tail() as a standalone module.

lag.values The lag function values() as a standalone module.

lag.when The lag function when() as a standalone module.

lag.where The lag function where() as a standalone module.

lag.zipobject The lag function zipobject() as a standalone module.

lemonad JavaScript functional programming library, inspired by the Clojure, ML, Haskell and Forth. Built on Underscore and its contrib library.

lodash-mixins Collection of mixins for Lo-Dash or Underscore.

lodash-template _.template without full lodash source.

loscore Because it's fairer than the fairest possible solution.

lowdb JSON database

massagist streaming data formats

mathistutils Common utilities used in Mathist Enterprises Node.js projects

merge-defaults A recursive version of _.defaults.

microtemplates Microtemplates by John Resig (aka _.template).

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

mimosa-underscore A Underscore client template compiler for Mimosa 2.0+

mixism underscore mixins via interfascist

mongoose-convention mongoose fields convention

morph Lightweight string transformations

moves api wrapper for moves app

mr-hiccup A DOM constructor add-on for underscore.js inspired by Hiccup for Clojure

nativity-underscore Installs underscore methods to the prototype for more elegant syntax using nativity.

node-cache Simple and fast NodeJS internal caching. Node internal in memory cache

node-partials Inter-file template partials using Underscore's template engine

node-underscorify Underscore precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

noflo-underscore Underscore.js Utilities as NoFlo Components

object.assign ES6 spec-compliant Object.assign shim. From

overscore Server-side underscore template builder.

parse-lodash Use esprima to find and detect used lodash packages

pedantic-pick an improved `_.pick` that also validates picked attributes

plastic Fluent API for maleable data

platter dead simple micro templating pre-compiler

plusplus I need a better Underscore in Node.js.

prettify {{prettify}} handlebars helper for formatting (beautifying) HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

protean An ever changing set of utilities.

qfunction Make sure specified function runs one at a time.

rhythm.framework Collection of libraries and modules commonly used at Rhythm Interactive.

safe-obj Underscore helpers to make object accessors safe

snake-case Snake case a string

sparse-api A sparse Parse API for Backbone

static-underscore-brunch Adds static underscore templates support to brunch without wrapping the output in modules of type commonjs/amd.

stj Standard Toolkit Javascript. Multi-platform core javascript library. Provide OOP and useful functions. As brand free as possible and CommonJS philosophy.

templateready Template on the fly pre-compiler.

templito Generates javascript files for underscore.js templates.

titon-probe Extends the native prototypes with functions from Lo-Dash, Underscore, or another vendor.

tmp-tmpl A more specific template engine using stickit and backbone

uasync micro async library for lodash or underscore

underarm Underscore meets Reactive Programming

underdash Because it's the fairest possible solution.

underpromise Functionally handle promises

underpub-js Simple pubsub lib

underscore_extended lots of fun functions for use with underscore.js

underscore-aop A fork of dojo/aspect that works w/ underscore-like libraries.

underscore-awesomer Awesome Extensions to Underscore.js (or Lo-Dash).

underscore-data Practical tools to manage schemaful mongodb documents

underscore-deep-extend A deepExtend implementation for underscore, lodash and friends.

underscore-i18n-mixin underscore template mixin for i18n (gettext) support

underscore-keypath Adds Key-Path mechanism extensions for underscore

underscore-medley An assortment of Underscore mixins

underscore-more Miscellaneous extensions to underscore and underscore.string.

underscore-node Underscore for Node.js without cross-browser checks

underscore-object-tools Extra functionality which can be mixed in to underscore.js for work with deep objects, etc.

underscore-plus Underscore plus additional utilities

underscore-proto Improvement to underscore-prototype with the latest version of underscore.js

underscore-prototype Extends native JS object prototypes with underscore methods

underscore-template-additions Template related additions to the underscore js library (inter template includes, AMD compilation, express helpers)

underscore-template-helpers Underscore.js global template helpers

underscore-unchained Enhance arrays and other objects with Underscore methods so you don't need to mess with _.chain() and .value() every time you do two Underscore methods in sequence.

underscore-x Extend some features of underscore.js

underscore.array Array-related functions missing from underscore.js is a javascript date library that helps create, manipulate, and format dates without extending the `Date` prototype.

underscore.db Use JavaScript objects as databases

underscore.deferred jQuery style Deferreds Set of Gujarati language helpers as underscore.js mixins.

underscore.inflections Port of ActiveSupport::Inflector::Inflections for underscore.js

underscore.inflections-amd Fork of underscore.inflections to be compatible with requirejs

underscore.inspector A javascript object/value inspector mixin for underscore.js

underscore.kv Key-value pairs serialization (aka "www-form-encoding") of objects for Underscore.js

underscore.nest Underscore.Nest is an extenstion for converting flat data into nested tree structures

underscore.nested Nested and Delegating Accessors for Underscore

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