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beam Streams and Pipes revised for analytics

browserifymagic more magical browserify middleware.

clipsy a node.js port of jsclipper [JS]... which is a port of clipper [C++, C#, Delphi]

float-bits Pulls out the bits from floating point numbers

lessmagic LESS CSS middleware.

mergesorted returns the interception of two ordered arrays

observable-multi-set Configure observable multi set collections

ref-union Create ABI-compliant "union" instances on top of Buffers

set An implementation of Sets in JavaScript

simplicial-disjoint-union Concatenates two simplicial complexes

sorted-union-stream Get the union of two sorted streams

stream-joins Join operations for ordered object-mode streams (e.g. timeseries data). Various types of join operations that join two timeseries streams into a single stream.

subordinate Determine if one object contains another object.

subset Generalized set operations and comparisons in the style of Haskell

union-find A union-find data structure for maintaining disjoint sets.

venn fluent API library for set operations

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