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bluejeansandrain.unique Utility that creates an Array instance with modified push, unshift, and splice methods that check for uniqueness before inserting values.

component-uid unique id component

distinct-stream Keep a rolling log of inputs and drop duplicates seen within it

flake Generate practically unique (approximately sortable) IDs in a distributed environment.

flake-idgen Flake ID generator yields k-ordered, conflict-free ids in a distributed environment

flocon 64-bits Unique ID generator for Node.js written in C++

fsu Unique file name with streams support

gen-id Short non-sequential unique id generator in a given format.

gid Genuine ID Generator

gmid Creates an overcomplicated none standard unique ID

goodies Native object extension goodies.

hat generate random IDs and avoid collisions

incrnum a magically incrementing number value

j-uid uid generate

keygen url-friendly, random, unique key/token generation

mongoose-unique-validator mongoose-unique-validator is a plugin which adds pre-save validation for unique fields within a Mongoose schema.

monguurl Automatically generate a unique and url-friendly alias/slug and store it in Mongoose

monot Like [object Date], but unique.

nid Nice clean-mouthed random id generation, without any swearing!

node-eden A node.js name generator

node-time-uuid Node module to generate globally unique, time sortable indentifiers that can be used as database unique IDs. The identifiers are time sortable and you can recover the time stamp of when they were created down to micro-second resolution. Time sortable identifiers can very useful in situations where you want to sort your objects by time, for instance messages in a user's inbox.

node-unique-extensions Returns a list of unique file extensions within the supplied directory

nub Uniqueness functions

nuuid Unique Universal Identifier based on Entropy, Math, and Time while still being faster than uuid.

phonetic Generates unique, pronounceable names, random and seedable

ports Manage a registry of unique port assignments

short-id Short ID string generation

simple-unique-id A simple unique ID generator.

sodium Lib Sodium port for node.js

time-uuid Universally unique identifier based on current time and in short not standard UUID format

timehat monotonic-timestamp + hat = sortable unique ids

uid generate unique ids of variable length

uneeq Generate a unique identifier for a node process

uniq Removes duplicates from a sorted array in place

uniqf Make a file name unique by appending a cryptographic hash

unique a unique id generator for node

unique-concat Concatenates two arrays, removing duplicates in the process and returns one array with unique values.

unique-kue plugin for kue, to enable unique delayed job

unique-random Generate random numbers that are consecutively unique

unique-stream node.js through stream that emits a unique stream of objects based on criteria

uniquecache cache that you found some unique value and make sure you don't tell anyone else in this process that it is unique while you save it.

uniqueify Returns a array with only unique values. Otherwise known as a Set

utilxi UtilXI, a utility library extends underscore.

uuid-encoded Generates strong UUIDs - like uuid module - but encodes to compress length with url-friendly 64-char alphabet

uupaa.uid.js Unique ID.

websafe-uid Generate websafe unique ids.

witchypoo Stores a unique list of domain names and their page rank at time of crawling

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