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browser-unix unix in the browser

complete tab completion CLI programs

core-proxy tcp and unix socket proxy Quick example of using Process.exec

ftp-test-server Wrapper around pyftpdlib to have a fast, readily available FTP server for testing.

getuid Get the UID of a user by their username.

gulp-rev-mtime Appends a file's modified UNIX timestamp to a file URL to cache assets

infozip Wrapper for the `unzip` and `zip` binaries

jscron Cron Format Parser And Schedule Dates Generator

level-party open a leveldb handle multiple times

linepost Reads stdin and posts each line to the provided URL (preferrably CouchDB but who am I to judge)

localrc A project-local version of rc, chainable with the original.

nip Node Input/output Piping

nix Node.js bindings for non-portable *nix functions

node-ipc A nodejs module for local and remote Inter Process Communication (IPC), Neural Networking, and able to facilitate machine learning.

node-stream-responder Interact programmatically with duplex streams. Similar to Unix's expect.

node-tab Unix-style tables for command-line utilities

node-unix Unix operating system integration for Node-based services

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

parse-listing Small library to parse file listings into JavaScript objects

process-title set process.title based on package name

pslook Pslook is a NodeJS module retrieving processes informations on GNULinux systems without spawning a new process.

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

rc hardwired configuration loader

run-after Run a command after given time

s-pipe Functional streams, with a lisp-inspired chaining syntax

sh Javascript library for Unix shell scripting on node.js

shelljs Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

shelljs-ffi A close fork of shelljs that replaces the unreliable hacky execSync with another based on node-ffi.

shellscript Use shell commands directly from nodejs to make synchronous shell scripts.

shoutjs Beautiful output for your ShellJS commands

silent-npm-registry-client Npm registry client that doesn't spam stdout/stderr

sugar-unix Unix timestamps for sugar.

suppose Automate command line programs. Like UNIX expect.

sysvelf An Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) parser.

tab Unix-style tables for command-line utilities

tabexplode A streaming CLI for opening all URLs piped to it in a browser

timestamp-grabber Convert a very wide variety of human readable date/time formats to unix timestamp in millis. Supports all major timezones thanks to timezonejs

tldr Simplified and community-driven man pages

ts Humanify unix timestamps

unix-access Wrapper for access() UNIX C function

unix-cmd Provides simple functions for executing command line file.

unix-socket-credentials Get the uid, gid and pid of a client that connects to your unix socket server

unix-stream Unix stream socket

unix-time Convert a date to a unix timestamp

unix-timestamp Tiny library to create and manipulate Unix timestamps

unix2ws Unix2WS allows you to easily stream data to Socket.IO clients

unixgroups Provide bindings for getgroups and initgroups

unixlib Native Linux utilities for Node.js, currently PAM authentication, flock() and mkstemp

urix Makes Windows-style paths more unix and URI friendly.

winston-socket-server Winston transport writing log entries to all the clients connected on UNIX socket

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