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holmes Unshorten urls

href middleware providing the current absolute url as req.href

html-linkify Turn plain text links into HTML anchor elements

http-post Shortcut method similar to http.get() for HTTP POST requests with support for data and files

hubot-tomahk Hubot Plugin to translate various music URLs into unified links so that you are not restricted to the services of your peers

i64 URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BIS) and conversion tools. Supports both fast conversions for regular integers and large integer strings. Assists with compression as fewer base 64 digits are needed to represent larger integers than base 10 digits. Unlike RFC-3548 Base 64 encodings, readability of BIS is improved for small integers by using an alphabet that extends base-converter

i64base URL, Filename, AWS safe Base64 Integer Strings (BAS) without dependencies.

iefavorites Export favorites from internet explorer in the Favorites folder

iis-baseurl Cut off IIS virtual path (base url) from the request url when running via IISNODE with URL Rewrite

inquire Generate advanced URL query strings.

iri IRI/URI parsing and conversion

is-url-to-anchor Check if the URL indicates an anchor of the document

jitpipe Helper for building and signing jitpipe image URLs.

jsdelivr Search and URL retrieval from jsDelivr

jsuri Uri and query string manipulation

koa-rewrite URL rewrite middleware for koa

krauter A minimal, fast & flexible url router.

kurl It's a powerfull URL parser written in JavaScript and compatible with NodeJS with a lot of features that it will help you to modify/parse easily a URL without any problem.

last-content-len get URL last content-length

limax Node.js module to generate URL slugs. Another one? This one cares about i18n and transliterates non-Latin scripts to conform to the RFC3986 standard. Mostly API-compatible with similar modules.

linkshrink An urlShortner for Node.JS

loc lightweight simple translation module with dynamic json storage

location-bar A microlib for managing browser's location bar via pushState and hashChange APIs. This lib makes it easy to listen to URL changes and update the URL.

location-origin Polyfill for window.location.origin

mac-open Opens files from a shell via mac's open command.

manymatch A glob matcher that can match against a series of glob patterns. It doesn't crawl the file system.

maskurl hide user password in a url for safe console and log output

mongo-make-url Make complex MongoDB URLs from a friendly JSON object

mongo-uri I parse mongo URIs; especially the tricky repl set ones.

mongodb-uri A parser and formatter for MongoDB URIs.

mongoose-friendly A Mongoose plugin for friendly URLs.

monguurl Automatically generate a unique and url-friendly alias/slug and store it in Mongoose

monitor-url-tool simple url monitoring tool

murl murl is fast url pattern matching and replacing

netscape-bookmarks Create a netscape format bookmarks file (works with Chrome)

node-bitlyapi An OAuth, endpoint-complete, NodeJS interface for the public Bitly API

node-browse Opens a URL in the default browser.

node-libs 自己平时在工作中积累以及收集的一些工具类库

node-link-fixer Converts relative urls to absolute for images and links.

node-page-data Get summary of a url based in semantic and social tags

node-simple-router Yet another minimalistic router for node.js

nodutils Node utilities to manage common operations over: string, numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geocoding

noflo-woute Routing web requests based on the request's URL

nor-ref Reference parsing library

normalizeurl Normalize a url or url fragment by percent-encoding exactly the chars encodeURIComponent does

nurls Node URL Shortener

object-url X-Browser object url support

odino.router An HTTP router

openifyit-mongoose-types More types for mongoose

opurl Object-oriented URL utility

pagemunch A node.js wrapper for the PageMunch web crawler API

pageres Get screenshots of websites in different resolutions

parse-database-url Database configuration URL parser for node.js

parse-db-url parse database URLs into configuration objects

parse-post A function that wraps ordinary request handler and automatically parse posts. It also protects again nuke requests.

parsed-url Short cut to get a parsed url and query string in browserify

pathbuilder Easily modify parameters in paths.

pct-encode Percent-encode characters in strings matching a regular expression

permalink Make clean, readable, SEO-friendly URLs. Slugify Unicode strings.

permalinks Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI patterns, [Moment.js]( for parsing dates, much more.

pixcha Image URL extractor

plan-callback plan plugin for posting to a url

protolus-resource a CommonJS based server-side resource delivery mechanism with client side shim

protolus-router a lightweight URL router supporting a wide variety of usage patterns

punycode A robust Punycode converter that fully complies to RFC 3492 and RFC 5891, and works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

query-param-getter Client module for grabbing query parameters by name from the URL.

query-string Parse and stringify URL query strings

queryjs easy url query parameter manipulation

quiche Google Chart Tools: Image Chart & Infographics wrapper for Node.js

rackspace-cloudfiles-url-signer Module to sign urls to allow access to the private blobs in rackspace cloud files

rambler Walk a website checking for bad links

readability-cli Read any web page from the command line using readability.js

recursive simple routes wrap module support extendable route, was inspired by django url strategy

redisurl Create a redis client from a url

relateurl Minify URLs by converting them from absolute to relative.

remapper Remap one URL to another

remote-origin-url Get the git remote origin URL from your local git repository. Remember! A remote origin must exist first!

remove-url-component Remove some url parameter from url in browser

repro Reverse Proxy Route Table responsible for routing to targets based on protocol request headers.

reqhooks 'reqhooks' a collection of request / response stream hooks for connect

resolve-git-remote Resolves the remote url of the local git repository in the current folder.

resolve-url Like Node.js’ `path.resolve`/`url.resolve` for the browser.

rhombus.js A routing library that supports reverse matching of routes (e.g. genrating URLs)

route-map Match a url from an object of route patterns

route-parser A isomorphic, bullet-proof, ninja-ready route parsing, matching, and reversing library for Javascript in Node and the browser.

router-core A simple low-level parameterized URL router

routerules Web Framework Agnostic Textual URL Route Definition

routes-http Simple but powerful HTTP request router

s3signer Transform stream which reads S3 object keys and writes presigned S3 urls

safe-url Scrub basic auth credentials from your urls so they're safe urls

scheme Uniform Resource Identifier Builder

scrape-pages Scrape any content splitted into pages

screenshot Screenshot Module using Snapito API

set-location-hash Set the anchor portion of current URL without scrolling

short Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js

shortenurl Shorten is a library to shorten URLs with the Google API. It's super easy to use! Just check out the examples for how to use on your awesome Node.js servers.

shortly client for a few url shorteners (,

shortr To create short ids like bitly for your ids, that you could use for any shortner or dream up

shortshort Short library for making short URLs

shrink A simple and fast URL shortener for node

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