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absolution absolution accepts HTML and a base URL, and returns HTML with absolute URLs. Great for generating valid RSS feeds.

crossing URL utility library for JavaScript

crx-patterns check URLs against Chrome Extension patterns

django-urls Sistema de urls semelhante ao Django

docpad-plugin-dateurls DocPad plugin which adds the ability to use the date within posts to add url routes /YEAR/MONTH/DAY.

dom-urls DOM URLs for Node

express-slash Express middleware for people who are anal about trailing slashes.

expressgroup An extension to Express server to add grouping functionality

get-urls Get all urls in a string A url shortener and expander powered by Google's URL shortening service

googl API for Node.js

grunt-url-image-crawler Crawl your CSS/SCSS or HTML files for img URL's and store the crawled image URL's in a local JSON file.

gulp-assetpaths A Gulp plugin to change asset paths from one environment to another.

hashthepass Generate a hash for your passwords based on the site

links Experimental content sharing and collaboration platform.

nurlize normalize urls

odino.router An HTTP router

parseUri node.js fork of parseUri. parseUri is a function which splits any well-formed URI into its parts, all of which are optional. Its combination of accuracy, flexibility, and brevity is unrivaled.

simplay Given an artist name it spits out links to playlists and/or search results of similar artists on youtube, and rdio.

static-expiry Connect middleware for static files that sets caching response headers as well as generates and rewrites fingerprinted urls.

swizec-bitly A API library for Node.JS; forked to help with install until original is fixed

ully Manage your favorite links easily and quickly

urlmap Named routing library

urls-md Convert URLs to Markdown links and images: Extracts URLs from text → Gets their article title → Creates Markdown links

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