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beez-ua The library deside which browser has an access from UserAgent for node.js or browser. This library is Forked from zepto.js.

browseris Ask questions about the browser in Express.

bs Generates a shim for a given browser

connect-baddies A [Connect]( middleware for filtering suspicious HTTP requests based on 422 request user-agent and url rules.

connect-mobile-detection Connect middleware to check useragent for mobile or tablet devices.

connect-useragent Connect user-agent middleware

default-user-agent Default user agent string for nodejs http request

detector User Agent Detector.

deviceatlas Node Device Atlas API

emulate-user-agent Emulate User Agent

express-mobile-detection [DEPRECATED] Express middleware to check useragent for mobile or tablet devices.

express-useragent ExpressJS/Connect/TrinteJS user-agent middleware exposing

fake-user-agent Fake User Agent

koopa Browser sniffing for node/jquery/not jquery

mobile-detect Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

mobile-usage Analyze HTTP access logs and visualize statistics w/ focus on mobile usage

platform A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

provision A request provisioning for node.js

tan 探测器, User Agent Detector.

ua Dirt cheap User-Agent: parser

ua_parser check browser and browser's version from userAgent

uas-parser User agent string parser (using data from

useragent Fastest, most accurate & effecient user agent string parser, uses Browserscope's research for parsing

useragent_parser Browser useragent parser.

useragent.jsx useragent bindings for JSX.

uupaa.useragent.js Detect spec by the UserAgent.

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