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authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames

basic-auth-mongoose Mongoose plugin for password-based user authentication. Fetch counts of a user's contributions to various platforms (Github, NPM, Gem, CPAN, Nuget, ...)

creds a safe storage for usernames, passwords and group memberhips

extract-github Extract the Github project / repository URL from a given object

git-credential A simple utility to get user's git credentials from node

git-user-name Get the name of the current user from git config, at the project or global scope, depending on what git uses in the current context.

github-username Get a GitHub username from an email address

homedir Platform agnostic user home directory path resolution for Node.js.

instagram-formatter Format instagram text with proper html link tag link on username, hashtag, and url

irc-connect Minimal IRC connection that simply emits event objects. Plugin modules can do the rest.

namebot A node.js module for generating usernames based on a specified corpus.

nauth Simple file based usernames and passwords with password hashing.

nodebb-plugin-mentions NodeBB Plugin that allows users to mention other users by prepending an '@' sign to their username

passport-email-verification Email verification strategy for Passport.

passport-local Local username and password authentication strategy for Passport.

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

realtor Check to see username availability across different websites.

tweet-formatter Format tweet text with proper html link tag link on username, hashtag, and url

username Get the username of the current user

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