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accounting number, money and currency parsing/formatting library

amd-utils Utility methods written in the AMD format

angils angular utilities

annodoc Documentation generator for annotated modules

annofp Annotated functional programming utilities for JavaScript

annofuzz Fuzzer for JavaScript

annois Generative type checkers for JavaScript

annomath Annotated math utilities for JavaScript

annoops Annotated operands for JavaScript

annostring Annotated string utilities for JavaScript

annotate Asserts your function invariants

annotate.js Asserts your function invariants

array-extended Additional array extensions with a chainable api

array-indexofobject Like Array#indexOf but for objects used like hashes

atropa-exists Utilities for checking the existence of files and folders.

atropa-ide An ide for web development using ckeditor and ace.

atropa-jasmine-spec-runner-generator-html A node module to generate Jasmine Spec Runner html pages.

atropa-jsformatter A node module to pretty print JavaScript source code.

atropa-jslint A node module wrapper for jslint.

atropa-mustache-comb A utility wrapper around mustache.

atropa-repl-autoload Autoloads a file into the Node REPL on start then passes control to the user.

atropa-server A simple http server for node with autoindexing and lazy module loading.

bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

bitcoin-exchange-rates Convert any Bitcoin amount to your preferred currency.

bn-lang-util JavaScript utilities for browsers and node.js

browserify-transform-tools Utilities for writing browserify transforms.

brt Browser Tools: command-line tools for browsers

cg-core Start out your node module when using Code Gathering tools

cg-util Smart Async, Math, String, etc utilities

coffeegrinder Utilities for a CoffeeScript Project

core-utilities Core types extension methods

craigslist-utils Nodejs utilities for scraping/crawling/working with craigslist

crashreports-utilities Kidozen crash reports utilities

cyesv Simplified CSV parser

date-extended Additional date extensions with a chainable api

digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries

djh-utils Generic services and utilities that I use a lot. (Others may or may not find useful!)

dysf.utils Custom dysfunctional utilities for node.js

error-adapter A simple API for generating Error objects. It currently wraps Errs (, but may not in the future.

errors A comprehensive, robust, yet lightweight set of error utilities for node.js enabling you to do errors more effectively.

errs Simple error creation and passing utilities

es3-ext ECMAScript 3 extensions and ES5 shims

es5-ext ECMAScript 5 extensions and ES6 shims

exchange-rates NB: this module is deprecated and replaced by the new 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at

executioner Wrappers around execSync, a package for synchronous execution of shell commands.

expose Search modules and expose exports onto a given namespace.

extended Library for combining multiple libraries into one

fedtools-utilities Set of utilites for fedtools within nodejs

fkt A collection of very simple but occasionally useful functions, primarily intended for use as callbacks and in tests.

fun-map a few functional utilities for pretending that JS objects are Clojure string maps.

function-extended Additional function extensions with a chainable api

funkit Various utilities

futil Javascript Functional Utilities

futils Handy utility functions for any JS project.

gammautils Lots of utilities for Node.js

gebo-utils Common utilities for the gebo-server

glicko2 glicko2 ranking system

grunt-helpers Utils for Grunt projects.

grunt-var-utils Utils for common variable usages.

handy Common utility functions

hawkeye Monitors files for changes and fires commands straight at them when they do.

helper-lib Deprecated. Please use [handlebars-helpers]( instead.

heya-utils General purpose utilitites, frequently used functions.

hoek General purpose node utilities

hu Functional-oriented utility helper library

inflection-extended Inflection string extensions

inlay JavaScript source code templating system

interpolate A simple interpolate function

is2 A type checking library where each exported function returns either true or false and does not throw. Also added tests.

jsutils Utilities for JavaScript.

kld-class-utils A collection of JS "class" utilities

konfig Config loader module. Automatic, environment specific and dynamic.

l33teral functions to help deal with object literals

libs utilities for general NodeJS development

lockit-utils utilities for lockit

lodash-mixins Collection of mixins for Lo-Dash or Underscore.

mc-ping Pings a Minecraft server for its MOTD and other data

method-chain Small utility for method chaining

microbench Node.js microbenchmark tests & framework

minutils Minimal utility methods for node and the browser

money JavaScript currency conversion library.

mongoose-sugar Sugary bits for Mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

monolith Node.js module to aggregate CSS, JavaScript and images for inlining them into a single HTML document. Helpful for high-performance HTML apps.

mout Modular Utilities

mutil utility functions for node.js, including: interpolate, toArray, size, type, capitalise, isUrl, toString, slice

mysql-utilities Utilities for node-mysql driver with specialized result types, introspection and other helpful functionality.

nails-utils General purpose utilities used by nails-framework

nepp Simple framework for protected (not private) object members implementing the Nepp pattern

ngn-util ngn-util ========

nipple HTTP Client Utilities

nm-utils JavaScript useful utilities

node_util Utilities that help you write Node programs and in particular, CLI scripts easily.

node-colorfactory Awesome methods for working with colors in javascript. A collection of utilities for node.js+express.js projects

nodutils Node utilities to manage common operations over: string, numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geocoding

noflo-compare Performing Comparisons in NoFlo

noflo-flow Flow Control for NoFlo

noflo-groups Group Utilities for NoFlo

noflo-objects Object Utilities for NoFlo

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