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freshen Automatically run build scripts and refresh browsers while editing

fsautil Asynchronous filesystem utilities

fscache A caching utility that stores data as json in files

fsutil Synchronous filesystem utilities

func-utils Utilities for functional programming

functional-pipeline Quickly chain method calls, property access and functions in natural left to right expression

gaze A globbing wrapper built from the best parts of other fine watch libs.

generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

get-result Utility function for getting a named property from an object. If the named property is a function invoke it with the object as context and return the result, otherwise return the property.

getargs Utility to handle optional arguments and argument type checking.

girdle A JS utility belt

gist-put A convenient command line utility for gists

gist-put-002 A convenient command line utility for gists

git-commit-info Simple utility that allows to get the latest commit info

glance disposable fileserver

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

globwatch A glob-capable file watcher.

gnip Connect to Gnip streaming API and manage rules

Gord An object conversion thingy.

got Simplified HTTP/HTTPS requests

gotomark command line program that marks directories for quick and easy access

grunt-readme-generator A grunt task to generate a dynamic from partial markdown files in readme folder. Specifically designed for GitHub projects!

gumba Gumba provides modern language features to your everyday shell scripting

handy Common utility functions

haraldutil App utility functions by Harald Rudell

helio Provides many new utility functions to solve common tasks

here here-document on node.js

hilo A lightning fast client-side JavaScript Framework and library that makes developing awesome websites easy

htmlentities Encode and decode HTML entities with javascript

hu Functional-oriented utility helper library

humanize-component Humanize a string

iai-flow Tiny utility to define those methods that effectively are aynchronous operation sequences (aka asynchronous code flows). Sometimes code must be complex, but never should be unredable.

ice-stream An expressive streaming utility for node, inspired by Lo-Dash, Async, and event-stream. Ice-stream goal is to allow for complex processing of streaming data.

incr-object an incrementing object

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

interlude Functional JavaScript library

intersperse Add an object to an array between each element

ioscript.js ioscript.js makes it easy to write IO scripts

jetpack Run your node project with a cluster.

jjg-ping A simple ping wrapper for Node.js which returns the latency and result of a ping to a given address.

js-state A Node.js Finate State Machine

jsdiff diff objects

json-proxy A command line utility and Express/Grunt middleware for UI developers to proxy JSON API calls to one or more remote web servers without requiring CORS or JSONP.

json2tree Json to Tree Utility

jsonix Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows converting between XML and JSON structures.

jsonselect Filter out JSON field using Mongoose's select syntax.

jsonutil Convenience functions for working with JSON

jsutils Utilities for JavaScript.

jung trigger commands on file change events

kindling Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.

kindling-kindling a kindling generator for a kindling generator

kindling-reveal.js a kindling generator for reveal.js

kit-js JavaScript utility kit

kutility Kev + utility == javascript functions that I use a lot and might be helpful for others like me WHO KNOWS

kwargsjs Smart argument management for javascript

lazify convenient wrapper for lazy promises

lazy-grunt-loading Experimental utility to load grunt tasks lazily

lid.js A utility for dealing with ids in templates.

linux-util Linux utilities

literally a function that literally just returns your value

logic Dependencies manager

lru-list Storage-agnostic LRU list with async/multi-key operations

lsmidi Simple command to list midi devices available

lw Core library used by LifeWanted node projects for common utility code.

m8 m8 is a small utility library you might find useful or just plain annoying.

maddy A functional object operations library.

magical-cli small CLI util for node-magical

mankees mankee see, mankee do

mapperjs The solution for node.js for migrate data from the old format to the new format data with pre-processing

marky-mark Reads a directory of markdown files with meta-data/front-matter and parses it out. Add your favorite templating language and markdown parser to make your own static site generator

marmalade Simple static file server utility

metascript Sophisticated meta programming in JavaScript, e.g. to build different versions of a library from a single source tree.

methodder Always carry your scopes

micron Minimalist extensions to the Node.js core HTTP server.

microtext.js A micro JavaScript utility for processing text

mixen Combine Javascript classes on the fly

mmrd MongoDB MapReduce Driver

mo A collection of OzJS core modules that form a library called "Mo"

moardeps CLI tool to help add the latest non-bugfix semver of a given module to your package.json's list of dependencies.

moarl moarl - less dependency management utility

modifier JavaScript validator / modifier

moira Most Outstanding IP Reporting Assistant

mojito-alter-mojit Utility mojit for mojito to control the execution workflow of a mojit, executing an alternative mojit instance when an error occur.

moo.js Editor-agnostic markdown live previewer

mpm.shortcode shortcode api for nodejs, nano templating library

ms-task A Node.js wrapper for Microsoft Windows' tasklist and taskkill.

multiset An utility class that implements a multiset, a set with possibly repeated elements.

multiwebsock2tcp Sort of restfull client to create multiple WebSocket-to-TCP proxy/bridges

narrative.js narrative.js makes it easy to write narrative scripts

naruko Just a random package

natsu Just a random package

natural-range Convert any range to an exclusive range in natural order.

netbios-name Utility code for working with NetBIOS names.

ngraph.merge Simple merge utility to extend objects without extra dependencies

nip Node Input/output Piping

nma Notify My Android library with CLI goodness

node-art Make ASCII arts with this node.js command line utility

node-datastore DataStore provides a powerfull features to manipulate tabular data

node-jpath jPath: Traversal utility to help you digg deeper into complex objects or arrays of objects

node-sort A sorting library for Node.js

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