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101 common utils that can be required selectively

action3d action3d for cocos3d-html5

angils angular utilities

ape-utils utils for APE API

arguments-extended Utilities for working with arguments object

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

blutils Utilities for bluebird control flow.

buffered-response Utility library for line-by-line reading from any readable text stream

cakepop CoffeScript Cake extensions.

cb-promise Allow your methods be called by Callbacks or Promises.

ccaccelerometer CCAccelerometer package

ccaction3d ccaction3d for cocos3d-html5

ccactions Actions package

ccactions3d 3D actions package

ccanimation ccanimation for cocos2d-html5

ccarmature armature for cocos2d-html5

ccaudio CCAudio package

ccbase64toimg ccbase64toimg for cocos2d-html5

cccliping CCClippingNode package

cccompress Compress tools package

cceffects Effects package

ccinput ccinput for cocos3d-html5

cckazmath Math package

cckeyboard Keyboard event package

cclabel Label nodes package

cclabelbmfont labelbmfont for cocos2d-html5

ccmenu Menu package

ccmotionstreak CCMotionStreak package

ccnotificationcenter ccnotificationcenter for cocos2d-html5

ccnpmtest ccnpmtest

ccparallax CCParallaxNode package

ccparticle Paticle system package

ccphysics Physic node package

ccprogress Progress timer package

ccrendertexture CCRenderTexture package

ccscrollview scrollview for cocos2d-html5

ccshaders Shaders package

ccshapenode Shape nodes package

ccspine spine for cocos2d-html5

cctestaaa cocos2d-html5

cctextinput Text input node package

cctgalib cctgalib for cocos2d-html5

cctilemap Tile map package

cctouch Touch event package

cctransitions Transition package

ccui cocos ui package

ccuserdefault ccuserdefault for cocos2d-html5

ccziputils ccziputils for cocos2d-html5

chillies SocketIO Adaptor

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

cocos cocos2d-html5

cocos-installer cocos-installer for cocos2d-html5

cocos-utils Utils for cocos2d-html5

cocos2d-html5 Cocos2d-HTML5 core package

cocos3d cocos3d

cocos3d-html5 cocos3d-html5

cocosbulider cocosbulider for cocos2d-html5

cocosdenshion cocosdenshion for cocos2d-html5

cocoslog cocoslog for cocos2d-html5

coffee-splatters Coffee-script node utils.

common-utils A collection of pure JavaScript utility modules for server side use

comner Command line utils for node.

component-utils utils.js from component as a standalone module

core-utils Utility library for everyday javasciprt.

cortex-search-utils utils model for cortex search

couchdb-tools A library of handy functions for use when working with CouchDB documents.

crafity Crafity Utils

cromag Date and Time Without the Monkeys

date-utils Date add-ons for Node.js

date-utils-cn Date add-ons for Node.js. Modified by Ekko based on date-utils 1.2.12

delegator Browser event delegation.

drop-me-the-file utils allowing others to send you files

editbox editbox for cocos2d-html5

edjes NodeJs utilities

es3-ext ECMAScript 3 extensions and ES5 shims

es5-ext ECMAScript 5 extensions and ES6 shims

exists exists and allExist functions. plain and simple

expact-random Provides random utils

expose Search modules and expose exports onto a given namespace.

express-utils Utils for express/connect

extfs Extension of fs module.

file-utils Sync file utility for Node.js command line tools

forever-utils Utilities to manage forever processes programatically or from the command line

fs-tools fs helper utilities (walk, copy, mkdir -p)

fs-utils File system extras and utilities to extend the Node.js fs module.

fs2json Translates a filesystem directory structure into a JSON object

fsplus a enhancement of file system utils in Node.js

gammautils Lots of utilities for Node.js

glutils The set of the utilities needed to code like Greg Little does

grunt-helpers Utils for Grunt projects.

grunt-var-utils Utils for common variable usages.

guaycuru Static content web server built on top of Node Simple Router

http-utils HTTP Utilities

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