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generator-vm A vm generator for Yeoman

generator-vvv Yeoman generator

golem automatically provisioned virtual machine for headless web automation

grunt-vagrant-ssh > Perform shell commands without the need to vagrant SSH.

it-works-docker-node-sandbox A vagrant node sandbox with [prebuilt docker images](

it-works-node-sandbox A vagrant/docker vm sandbox with node installed from source

kapow Simplifying the connection between Vagrant and

protractor-selenium-server-vagrant A Vagrant VM with Protractor, Selenium standalone server, and Xvfb for headless browser end to end testing of AngularJS applications.

vagrant Vagrant CLI wrapper

vagrant-helper Node commandline application to help with multiple vagrantfiles.

vagrant-neo4j A simple Vagrant script for setting up a Neo4j VM.

vagrant-ssh-config-generator Create an ssh config setting string to allow ssh access to vagrant virtual machines

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