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async-validate Asynchronous validation for object properties.

mailgun-validate-email validate email addresses with mailgun API

node-clerk Validate input with callback

range_check This is a simple module to validate IP address, check ip address version, check if ip is within a range.

seeif Chainable validation based on `validator`, `lodash`, `moment` and `type-detect` with syntax almost looks like chai.js combine with sync or async report and non 'throw' ing things around so that you don't have to 'try' and 'catch'.

sweets-valid Sweets valid wrapper with lots of cool utils

url-valid Url validity detection library

valid-css-props Check for the validity of a CSS property name.

valid-email Test the validity of an email address

valid-models A library that handles validation and sanitization of models using the model structure

valid-querystring Returns whether a querystring is valid

validate Validate object properties in javascript.

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