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alamid-schema Extendable mongoose-like schemas for node.js and the browser

amanda JSON Schema validator

assurance Node validation/sanitization library with a handsome API

async-validate Asynchronous validation for object properties.

backbone-model-definition Model definitions for Backbone, providing validation and mutators.

beyo-model-validation Data validation for beyo models

broccoli-es6-import-validate A Broccoli plugin for validating es6 imports

broccoli-eslint broccoli filter that runs eslint

burokrat A true bureaucrat needs forms

castform Async form validation on the client and server.

cc-validator-node A tiny module to do credit card number validation based on

check-ip-subnet Check if IP belongs to the given subnet

checkbower Validates your bower.json file

checker Checker is the collection of common abstract methods for validatiors and setters.

checkfor Validate objects with meaningful errors

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

coffeenode-zxcvbn realistic password strength estimation

complexity Helps validate the complexity of a string. It builds regular expressions based on common settings for passwords, usernames, and other user identification methods

component-lint Component lint tool

credit-cards Validate & extract metadata from credit cards.

css-validator Validate CSS via W3C's service

data-validate Simple data validator designed for schemas.

deferrer Deferrer is a fast promise-object generator.

define-options Define valid properties for an options litteral, and return a function that can validate the options

derby-validate Validation library for Derby JS.

derby-validate-user Add validation to Derby User.

derby-validate-user-lang Add language translation to Derby User validation.

ducky Duck-Typed Value Handling for JavaScript

email-is-temporary Checks the email for being temporary, like those provided by and others

es6-import-validate A simple ES6 Harmony Module import statement validator

eslint-json JSON formatter (reporter) for ESLint

eslint-stylish Stylish ESLint formatter (reporter)

eslint-tap TAP formatter (reporter) for ESLint

EVE A JavaScript object schema, processor and validation lib.

express-middleware-validate A simple middleware that verifies existence of post parameters.

express-validate Data validation, filtering and sanitization for express

express-validate.js Middleware wrapper for validate.js validation framework

express-validation express-validation is a middleware that validates the body, params, query, headers of a request and returns a 400 Bad request response; with errors; if any of the configured validation rules fail.

express-validator Express middleware for the validator module.

gatekeeper multi purpose data validation library

grunt-anylint Validate (set of) files over custom rules

grunt-eslint Validate files with ESLint - A tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript

grunt-http-verify Send an HTTP request and verify part(s) of the response.

grunt-jsonlint Validate JSON files from grunt.

grunt-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript source.

grunt-npm-validate Grunt task for validating NPM packages.

grunt-tv4 Validate values against json-schema v4

gulp-jscs Check JavaScript code style with jscs

gulp-recess Lint CSS and LESS with RECESS

hazmat Validation and sanitization of input parameters

http-verify Send an HTTP request and verify part(s) of the response.

hvalidator HIgh performance nodejs validator moudle with C++.

instance-of Use Instance Of by type name

interfascist validate JavaScript objects against interfaces

is_email is_email() is a function to validate an email address against relevant RFCs

is-disposable-email Determine if an email is a [disposable email address]( like ``. You can use it to detect or block disposable accounts in your signup process.

is-hsl-color Loosely check whether a string is an HSL(A) color string.

is-personal-email Determine if an email is a personal email address, like ``. You can use it to detect personal accounts in your signup process.

is-rgb-color Loosely check whether a string is an RGB(A) color string.

isccnumber Return credit card type if given value is a valid credit card number of known type.

isthis A full set of static methods to do type checking

joy Delighfully simple schema validation.

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

jshint-json JSON reporter for JSHint

jshint-stylish Stylish reporter for JSHint

jshint-stylish-ex Stylish reporter for JSHint with styling options

json-gate A friendly, fast JSON schema validator

json-minus validate and prepare JSON Minus documents

lawmaster Simple arbitrary data validation library.

mailgun-email-validation Use MailGun API for email validation check

mailgun-validate-email validate email addresses with mailgun API

media-type Parse and validate RFC6838 media types, anything from 'text/plain' to 'application/;charset=utf8'

mimosa-js-validate A JavaScript validation Mimosa module

missmatch Powerful pattern matching for JavaScript

modifier JavaScript validator / modifier

mojito-validate Subcommand for mojito-cli to validate mojito configuration files

moment Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-component Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

mongoose-id-validator Mongoose plugin to validate that ObjectID references refer to objects that actually exist in the referenced collection

mongoose-validatefilter mongoose 数据验证与过滤

mongoose-validator Validators for mongoose models utilising node-validator

mongules Mongoose DRY model validator

muster A simple way to validate objects in javascript

node-clerk Validate input with callback

NormAndVal Normalize your data to match common conventions; Validate your inputs; use the same libraries in Node.js *and* the browser.

npm-dir Utility method to get global npm.dir

npmlint WIP - Lint your npm package

object-validation Validate objects.

pg-validator postgresql database schema validation and creation utility

pupil A string-based JavaScript validation library.

quack Check the values of passed arguments in a function - see if they quack like a duck.

quit Quit is a replacement for event 'exit' to make sure the event will not be skipped by uncaughtException.

ratify A Hapi plugin for validating the schema of path, query, request body, and response body params using JSON-schema

registry-validator Validate your npm registry implementation, check if it correctly implements the npm protocol.

req-requires Validate properties in expressjs requests

require-config-obj validate configuration objects

restify-validator Restify middleware for the validator module.

restify-validator2 Restify middleware built on top of the validator package.

revalidator-model Simple validatable models with revalidator.

rfc822-validate Validate an email address in Node or RequireJS/AMD. Provide validation that an email address conforms to RFC822.

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