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ipv6 A browser- and node-compatible library for parsing IPv6 addresses

iridium A custom lightweight ORM for MongoDB designed for power-users

is_email is_email() is a function to validate an email address against relevant RFCs

is-it simple validations

is-validation Input validation and manipulation library

is.valid validation library that is heavily inspired from the old famous codeigniter validation library

is2 A type checking library where each exported function returns either true or false and does not throw. Also added tests.

isemail validate an email address according to RFCs 5321, 5322, and others

iz Validation for node and the web.

jayschema A comprehensive JSON Schema validator for Node.js

joi Object schema validation

joi-model Model generation based on Joi schema validation

joi-v1 Object schema validation

joiful-experiments Object schema validation (experimental fork)

joy Delighfully simple schema validation.

js-schema A simple and intuitive object validation library

jschema a JSON-schema validation library

json-filter Match an object against a filter

json-minus validate and prepare JSON Minus documents

json-validator Validates JSON against a schema

jsonlint Validate JSON

jsonlint-lines Validate JSON with line numbers

jsonschema A fast and easy to use JSON Schema validator

jsonschema-validator JSON schema validator modified based on jsonschema Tom de Grunt <>. This is a modified version for my usage. I am in process of creating configurable feature and submit pull request.

jsontype A small library that takes JSON structure descriptions and creates a function that validates if a javascript value is in exactly this structure.

jungles-types Combines the datalayer and validators for jungles

jungles-validation Validation module for jungles

jungles-validators Validators for jungles-validation.

knockout-parsley Parsley validation for Knockout JS.

knockout.mapper.js Knockout.js plugin for object mapping including validation.

ko-validation Knockout Validation Plugin (used by the Rackspace Control Panel)

lawmaster Simple arbitrary data validation library.

lawyered A simple module to implement design by contract in node.js

leaf-validation A validation framework based on inline comments

legit Check that email addresses are really able to accept emails

legitjs Lightweight objects and strings validation for Node.js

lgtm Simple JavaScript validation for objects.

lintspaces Library for checking spaces in files

loch loch down your API before the data hits your models

luhn A validation module for browsers and Node.js to validate credit card numbers against the luhn algorithm.

luhn-check validation for credit cards using the Luhn algorithm

maat node.js argument validation made simple

mailgun-email-validation Use MailGun API for email validation check

mailgun-validator Validate email address using Mailgun's APIs

mang-models client side models and validation for angular

mapargs map function parameters to types

match-constraints Check an object match a given set of constraints

minimodel Minimal, database agnostic Models for Node.js (and the Browser)

minschema a (html form) schema builder & validator

model Datastore-agnostic ORM in JavaScript

model.js Library for performing validation on javascript objects. Allows easy reuse of validation logic on browser/server

modelize Simple ORM in JavaScript

mongolate A validation middleware for mongoose.

mongoose-avalidator A mongoose plugin utilizing node-validator.

mongoose-evalidator Mongoose plugin for evalidator

mongoose-forms Mongoose forms using Handlebars

mongoose-schema-model Validation and formatting, converting MongooseDB schema definitions to be used in any environment

mongoose-validate Additional Validation functions for your mongoose schema.

mongoose-validator Validators for mongoose models utilising node-validator

mongules Mongoose DRY model validator

mpm.validation validation framework for the web

mustache-comb Basic validation of HTML in mustache templates.

muster A simple way to validate objects in javascript

mval Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kinds (jQuery, Android, npm, composer, wordpress, launch.js)

mysql-validator MySql data type validation.

nads A gateway drug to programming with algebraic datatypes.

named-parameters A small and simple utility for working with named parameters. (I.e., for using maps as function arguments, rather than arrays.) Inspired by optimist.

nod-validation Some functions in JavaScript to support object validation.

node-clerk Validate input with callback

node-restify-swagger node-restify-swagger =======================

node-restify-validation Validation for REST Services built with [node-restify]( in node.js

node-validation A small validation library for Node.js

node-validator A simple, extensible object property validator for node.js. Supports express.js.

NormAndVal Normalize your data to match common conventions; Validate your inputs; use the same libraries in Node.js *and* the browser.

npm-user-validate User validations for npm

o2 Node.js module export for o2.js JavaScript Framework

o2.validate o2.js validation-related methods

o2.validation o2.js validation-related methods

object-schema-validator A simple and intuitive object validation library

objection A node object validator

on-json a connect-compatible middleware for node.js that adds an onJson callback to the request object for retrieving json.

openbadges-validator openbadges validation tools

outflow Logic workflows with validations

paperwork Lightweight JSON validation for REST APIs.

parsleyjs Validate your forms, frontend, without writing a single line of javascript!

pass.js Javascript validation module. Runs from command line or web, doesn't need a form.

password-policy.js A multi-policy password validation tool for node.js and the browser

pedantic-pick an improved `_.pick` that also validates picked attributes

pg-validator postgresql database schema validation and creation utility

phone-parser Parse the phone input into an output format of your choice. Good for formatting a user input.

piton-validity A suite of validators from the piton toolkit

pledge A pretty little validation library for your browser and server.

postcode UK Postcode helper methods

prove Simple validation with is

pupil A string-based JavaScript validation library.

purify Validator functions for many types of input, intended for use with express

q-lang Q is a language for capturing information structure.

ratify A Hapi plugin for validating the schema of path, query, request body, and response body params using JSON-schema

reformed A high-level form field handling and validation module for busboy

regex-patterns Common regex patterns for use in validations

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