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address-validator Validate street addresses via google's geocoding API. Get back valid addresses with lat/lon coords and a set of inexact matches

ala-mongoose-validator mongoose Validator mongoose数据验证

amanda JSON Schema validator

anchor Recursive validation library with support for objects and lists

angular-validation Angular Validation

asm.js Tools for the asm.js subset of JavaScript

backbone-validator.js Backbone model validator allows you to define validation rules for model and utilize it for model-standalone validation or bind its events to the view so you can display errors if needed.

backbone.validator Validation plugin for Backbone allowing for setting of default values

barcoder Barcoder is a simple EAN/GTIN validator

bb-validation An extendable validation plugin for Backbone with asynchronous tests, custom messages support, form generation, etc...

beyo-model-validation Data validation for beyo models

bpay BPAY Customer Reference Number Generator and Validator

checker Checker is the collection of common abstract methods for validatiors and setters.

checkfor Validate objects with meaningful errors

cinovo-isin-validator International Securities Identification Number validator

com.izaakschroeder.validator A simple input validation framework.

conform A schema validation and filtering framework

csv-convert convert csv to json and use schema to invalidation.

data-validate Simple data validator designed for schemas.

deferrer Deferrer is a fast promise-object generator.

discipline Validates object properties using Pursuit queries.

easy-validator Simple object validator for NodeJS

email-existence Checks existence of email addresses

email-validator Provides a fast, pretty robust e-mail validator. Only checks form, not function.

ender-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (modified for ender)

esprima.hks a syntax valadation pre-commit hook

express-check Reqeust data validator

express-form Form validation and data filtering for Express

express-form2 Form validation and data filtering for Express( compatible with COKE )

express-validate Data validation, filtering and sanitization for express

express-validate.js Middleware wrapper for validate.js validation framework

express-validator Express middleware for the validator module.

flat-validator Simplest cross javascript (node, amd, commonjs, global) validator

formatik To validate associative arrays

formatjs JavaScript date format tester.

ghanoz-eav The hardcore way to validate email address

greergan-validator Data validation, filtering and sanitization for node.js (awaiting pull request for official validator)

grunt-filenames Validates filenames using given RegExp

grunt-help Runs the program with --help option, captures output for documentation

grunt-jassi Validate JSON documents with Jassi.

grunt-json-schema Grunt json-schema validation task

grunt-laravel-validator Generate PHP validations from short and concise descriptions of the input format.

grunt-nice-package Opinionated package.json validator

grunt-tv4 Validate values against json-schema v4

gulp-angular-htmlify Change your ng-attributes to data-ng-attributes for html5 validation

gulp-laravel-validator Generate PHP validations from short and concise descriptions of the input format.

hanging-gardens A JavaScript project structure for NoRIA webpages.

haunted A node module for validating site analytics

hazmat Validation and sanitization of input parameters

hvalidator HIgh performance nodejs validator moudle with C++.

input-filter-async A high-level library for filtering (sanitisation) and validating input data

interfascist validate JavaScript objects against interfaces

ird-nz Checksum validator for New Zealand's IRD/GST number.

ivalidator validator

jassi Jassi is a JSON data validator.

js-schema A simple and intuitive object validation library

json_validator Define a schema for your json, and validate it

json-gate A friendly, fast JSON schema validator

json-minus validate and prepare JSON Minus documents

jsonschema A fast and easy to use JSON Schema validator

jsonschema-validator JSON schema validator modified based on jsonschema Tom de Grunt <>. This is a modified version for my usage. I am in process of creating configurable feature and submit pull request.

JSV A JavaScript implementation of a extendable, fully compliant JSON Schema validator.

jsvdraft4 A JavaScript implementation of a extendable, fully compliant JSON Schema validator.

kcauchy-tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript

laravel-validator Generate PHP validations from short and concise descriptions of the input format.

leaf-validation A validation framework based on inline comments

legitjs Lightweight objects and strings validation for Node.js

lx-valid A cross-browser / node.js validator, based on flatiron revalidator.

mongoose-id-validator Mongoose plugin to validate that ObjectID references refer to objects that actually exist in the referenced collection

mongoose-unique-validator mongoose-unique-validator is a plugin which adds pre-save validation for unique fields within a Mongoose schema.

mongules Mongoose DRY model validator

mschema A schema language for defining the structure of JSON data

mschema-rpc Minimalistic Remote Procedural Call library using mschema validation for remote method's input and output.

muster A simple way to validate objects in javascript

node-commandline Smart command line parser and handler for node js.

node-document Many document stores, Y U NO interface?

node-document-api HTTP API endpoint/middleware for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator Validator adapter interface for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-amanda Validator adapter `amanda` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsongate Validator adapter `json-gate` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsonschema Validator adapter `json-schema` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-jsv Validator adapter `jsv` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-document-validator-schema Validator adapter `schema` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-validation A small validation library for Node.js

node-validator A simple, extensible object property validator for node.js. Supports express.js.

npm-dir Utility method to get global npm.dir

nvalidator Simple Node.js validator

obj-validator validate JSON object with node-validator

object-schema-validator A simple and intuitive object validation library

objection A node object validator

package-json-validator Tools to validate package.json files

pedantic-pick an improved `_.pick` that also validates picked attributes

plexus-validate A simple validator for a subset of JSON-Schema.

PrettyCSS CSS pretty printer, lint checker, and validator

purify Validator functions for many types of input, intended for use with express

query-validator Mongo like query system for param/field validations on NodeJS.

quit Quit is a replacement for event 'exit' to make sure the event will not be skipped by uncaughtException.

req-requires Validate properties in expressjs requests

rerevalidator Handy wrapper around revalidator ( and simple server method

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