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alamid-set Simple observable key-value store

aware Bindable key-value storage

cachou Simple and fast cache module based on redis.

chai-highlight Chai.js plugin to highlight values in error messages Chai generates

computed-value Computed values in reactive style of programming

computed-value-stream Writeable stream that emits an update event instead of writing

css-font-face-src A CSS @font-face src property value parser

css-value CSS value parser

dank-cast Cast values to more specific types with default values if they can't be casted

divan persistant key-value store for node with CouchDB-style views

dom-value-stream transform domevents into values

dotject Dot notation to object. Supports nesting and same level objects as well as (multiple) value assignment and value overriding.

easy-cache An easy way to handle in-memory key/value cache

fakedb FakeDB is a tiny document storage module that can be used for small nodejs applications.

fs-key-value Key value data store using the filesystem

globject Get values by glob-like keys

grab Makes grabbing values out of complex objects simpler.

grunt-ng-constant Plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant modules.

hashing A high-performance Redis hash abstraction library for Node

immute Simple utility for creating immutable value objects in node

jqb-array-remove remove an element from an array by value

json-extract Extract JSON values from a JSON file.

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

kvs Simple key-value store facade for node.

level-move Move a value to another key.

levn Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation - human written, concise, typed, flexible

medea A lightweight key-value storage library.

medea-clusterify Adds support for the cluster core API.

memstore In-memory key/value data storage with simple map

mutable Mutable value interface

pandri In-memory key/value store, with json file backup.

parsifal A pure JavaScript port of jQuery's .val() method.

paypal-masspayments-node Making payments with MassPayment NVP

permafrost Transparent object persistence on top of key/value stores

pg-key-value-stream Stream of key value pairs from postgres, kind like leveldb, but...better?

pluck-transform-stream Pluck values out of objects and put them in arrays, via a stream

remove-value Remove array item(s) by value

resolve-redirects Resolves key/value pair redirects by following each redirect as far as possible.

return-function Set of functions that simply return a value

sdb simple keyvalue database with native json support

set-input-value Set input value and keep cursor position

smil-clockvalue Parses SMIL clock values

sorto Node.js - sorto ================

tik command line key/value store

umodel Tiny, generic, fully tested model.

underscore.kv Key-value pairs serialization (aka "www-form-encoding") of objects for Underscore.js

useful-value useful work around for existential getting/setting values in nested Objects

value-for-keypath Get a value from an object from a keypath string supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

value-mapper Lookup values from a dictionary with aliasing, mapping, and flattenining.

vole A dead simple Redis backed key/val cache

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