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cforce force enviroment or console variables to be present

config-node Flexible lightweight configuration loader for Node

connect-variable-helper Provides a higher level connect-middleware function that helps define helper functions which manipulate variables in both the session and cookie at the same time.

ensurejs JavaScript's type-checking utility.

formatter Simple String Variable Replacement Formatter

fvg Faceless Vector Graphics is a little image format that compiles into SVG using node.js

get-path Cross-platform means of getting the PATH environment variable name

glsl-exports Find all uniforms and attributes in a GLSL shader

grunt-include-replace Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes.

grunt-include-replace-cwd Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes.

grunt-include-replace-more Grunt task to include files and replace variables. Allows for parameterised includes and conditional if blocks.

grunt-include-replace-s2 !!!this is ad hoc!!! Grunt task to include files, replace variables and remove if blocks. Allows for parameterised includes. bug fixed

gulp-vartree Create a variable tree from the property values of given files.

identifier generate random javascript identifiers

intervarl A variable interval. The timeout period can be changed dynamically.

lexical-scope detect global and local lexical identifiers from javascript source code

node-cache Simple and fast NodeJS internal caching. Node internal in memory cache

node-sensor node.js lib for Variable Inc.'s NODE sensor

nodedump Outputs variables in a visual, easy to read format based on Adobe ColdFusion's CFDump tag. Think of it as console.log on steroids.

nodes-brick Lego plugin to reference dom nodes

normalify Normalize different variable value types - e.g. `"1"` becomes `1`

osenv Look up environment settings specific to different operating systems

private-parts A simple and intuitive way to shim private methods and properties in JavaScript.

roomdata Ability to create room variables for people that use

spyglass A value inspection tool with pretty printing, customizable colors, and powerful extension support for user-defined type inspection

var-find Find and return indexes of variable declarations.

vargs-callback Variable arguments and "The last is the callback" convention made without "var args = somehowParse(arguments)" surrogate.

variable-name Generate a variable name from given string

variadic A JavaScript utility for creating variadic functions

varname Convert strings between different variable naming formats

varstream Stream variables beetween 2 JavaScript threads (client/server, ipc, worker/main thread).

watchvar A simple utility, which allows you to detect if a variable has changed.

xenvar XEnvar allows developers to expand environment variables from strings. Inspired from Python's os.expanduser and os.expandvars.

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