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ampline amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands. a great complement to tab completion

confg confg helps config enviroment variables with javascript

dev-vars Load your development environmental variables for a project

dotenv Loads environment variables from .env

dotenv-node Loads environment variables from .env

envbang-node Ensure that you have the correct environment variables available.

envify Selectively replace Node-style environment variables with plain strings.

envoodoo Environment variable loader

envs Track environment variable usage

expandenv Expand $ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLES in a string

globals Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments

grunt-font-awesome-vars Edit font awesome variables.less and/or _variables.scss to set font-path

grunt-less-config Pass variables to the less parser before compiling.

grunt-var-utils Utils for common variable usages.

habitat Small library for managing environment variables

js-combiner An assets combine and minify tool

koa-locals Supprots application local variables for templates render in application.

node-kit Node based compiler for .kit files.

qconf Painless configuration for Node with defaults file, environment variables, arguments, function parameters.

renameify A browserify transform for renaming variables.

rework-variant Another take on variables in Rework.

rework-vars CSS spec style variables for Rework

rosetta Shared variables between CSS and Javascript.

sci-calc Command-line cientific calculator based on node REPL, with the possibility to declare functions and variables, and save them and load them. This command-line calculator possesses a permanent history.

theo Theme tokenizer working with JSON input generating variables for Sass, Stylus, Less, Aura, iOS (plist) and Android (XML)

topcoat-variables-dark Dark variables for theme.

topcoat-variables-light Light variables for the default topcoat theme

topcoat-variables-mobile Variables for mobile theme.

topcoat-variables-shared Shared variables for Topcoat theme

unused A module which reports unused variables in your code.

var Use strongly typed environment variables like a boss

vars A simple class to keep track of your project settings.

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