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agmath A basic math library that supports fractions and complex numbers.

apostrophe-raphael Apostrophe's solution for simple vector maps. Subclasses apostrophe-snippets. Uses raphael.js.

cell-range Specify a range of vectors and get a list of all the points between them

face-normals Given an array of triangles' vertices, return a `Float32Array` of their normal vectors.

kld-contours A collection of classes to represent and manipulate various vector shapes

mesh-normals Given a list of vertices and faces, generate the normals for a triangle mesh.

momentum Basic vector operations

triangle-normal Get the normal vector of a 3D triangle

vector2d 2D Vector library offering Float32Array, Object or standard Array based vectors.

vectors A grab bag of vector utility functions for 2D and 3D vectors that operate on plain arrays

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