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a-wild-version-appears sometimes versions happen and you want to alert your users

diffpatcher Utilities for diff-ing & patch-ing hashes

express-asset-versions Simple versioning for assets in express.js

grunt-contrib-plistversion Bump versions in Xcode plist files

grunt-plist-version Bump versions in Xcode plist files

grunt-wordpress-version Set the versions for enqueued CSS/JS in WordPress

leak Leak helps release semantically-versioned node packages from git branches.

level-version Versioned data for levelup.

minecraft-versions Queries the Official Minecraft Versions JSON API provided by Mojang

node-version-resolver Give me a semver range and I'll tell you the latest node version that satisfies it.

npm-describe NPM package dependencies visualization

npmlv List module versions in your project in format easy to copy and paste to your package.json.

syntagma-versions Project Forked and Improved from Content Delivery Network

test-next-updater Simple NPM module with dependencies for testing

version-compare PHP.js implementation of version compare coded in coffeescript for node.js

versions Content Delivery Network

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