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ametrine-view Ametrine component for handling and compiling views

ampersand-view-switcher A utility for swapping out views inside a container element.

axilla Simple Node.js view templating with Handlebars.

backbone-clickdebounce Debounce multiple clicks for Backbone.Views

backbone-view-options A mini Backbone.js plugin to declare and get/set options on views.

bind-transforms Bind models properties to properly prefixed CSS transforms in backbone/humanjs views.

bootstrap-helpers View helpers for using Twitter Bootstrap components and general markup

broccoli-dust Precompile Dust templates

changes A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support

chino Jade based views that render server and client side

coffee-views-pure A coffee-views extension to add YUI's pure functionality

couchbase-odm A simple Object Data Mapper for Couchbase

couchdb-build-views Build CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

couchdb-emily-tools Complete set of tools for synchronizing an observable key/value stores with CouchDB documents, views, and managing users or security documents. Works both in the browser and in node.js

couchdb-replicate-views Replicate CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

coucher Simple CouchDB client (REST)

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

dingo Django inspired web development framework on NodeJS

divan persistant key-value store for node with CouchDB-style views

dust Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js

dust-formspring Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js

dust-mephux Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js

dust.js Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js

dustjs-helpers Helpers for dustjs-linkedin package

dustjs-linkedin Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js ( LinkedIn fork )

fastcrud Node module to build quickly api, views to display models, easy integration with Backbone, etc.

flush JS templates

goat-node Simple view engine for Express

groundcrew view handler/template abstraction layer for connect

gulp-dust Precompile Dust templates

gulp-eco Precompile ECO templates into JavaScript

gulp-react Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

hbs-passport-helpers View helper methods from passport exposed to templates

helper-node Simple helper

html-helpers HTML code generation, designed primarily for use as view helpers

human-view-switcher A utility for swapping out humanjs or backbone views inside an element.

koa-render Add a `render()` method to koa that allows you to render almost any templating engine

koa-views Render views with almost any templating engine

koan-views Enhanced template rendering using ES6 generators

NDDB Powerful and versatile 100% javascript object database

presto Convenience methods added to the response object: renderText, renderJSON and redirect

react-transform Compile react templates for server side rendering

sails-generate-views Generate default views for Sails.

servy Lighweight server which serves static pages written in jade.

slender A thin front end framework for interacting with a RESTful API.

tarima Multi-templating for NodeJS

ver EJS-compatible template engine with first-class error support

view-helpers View helper methods for expressjs and other node stuff

viewbridge Shares views or templates between the server and client, making client side template pre-compilation and/or server side view pre-rendering easy.

views Views registry and rendering

wheelhouse-handlebars A wheelhouse library to handlebars templates for rendering views

xport Export your templates to the client

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