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lazyloadxt Lazy Load XT is mobile-oriented, fast and extensible jQuery plugin for lazy loading of images, videos and other media with built-in support of jQueryMobile framework. It improves performance of website by loading visible media elements only, and elements below the fold are loaded after page scroll. The plugin has many options, supports callbacks and special lazy events, that allows to have different loading effects (e.g. fade in and spinner effects). Examples of plugin and its addons include ajax, background images, infinite scroll, horizontal scroll, iframe-based widgets (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps Engine Lite, Facebook recommend button, Google+ profile), html5 video, responsive images with retina support (srcset and picture polyfills), social widgets (embedded tweet, Twitter share button, Google Plus badge and share button, Facebook like and recommend buttons, Facebook post comments), load all images before print, etc. Tested in IE 6-11, Chrome 1-31, Firefox 1.5-27.0, Safari 3-7, Opera 10.6-18.0, iOS 5-7, Android 2.3-4.4, and WP8. Requires jQuery 1.7+ or Zepto 1.0+.

n-vimeo Vimeo API (data) Integration for the rest of us

noauth Authorization library for OAuth

nodebb-plugin-vimeo NodeBB Vimeo Plugin

oembed-auto make an oEmbed request with a content url

oembed-node A node library to consume oEmbed providers, support for Vimeo and Youtube at the moment

oj-vimeo-video Vimeo Video plugin for OJ

passport-vimeo Vimeo authentication strategy for Passport.

tweet-html reparse tweets returned by twitter API to HTML

videoinfo Video info retriever

vimenode Vimeo API wrapper

vimeo-api A node.js library for the new Vimeo api

vimeo-client Client for vimeo api

vrangler Video Wrangling made easy. Standardise video links to appropriately configured embed tags.

webremix Convert media urls and links to embedded HTML

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